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BOOK CLUB. | MaeveMadden


  • @Maeve Madden hope you enjoyed it, sunshine didnt last too long here, but its nice and warm. x


  • Am I too late to start? Going to start tonight!! Love this community x

  • @Emma Louise Hood I wouldn't think so, I only started today , enjoy x

  • FAB! I've been wanting to read this book for a while! I'm half way through one called The Lying Room and ready for it to finish now! LOL.

    Has anyone read 'Where the Crawdads Sing'? SO GOOD!! 


  • @Caron Moore ive got that book, havent read it yet, good to know its good :)

  • @Maeve Madden I'm definitely joining in with the book club. I love reading self improvement books, true stories or autobiography's. anything that's inspiring. Are we all gonna recommend books ? X 

  • I am a little late to the party but my book arrives today, can't wait to start reading it. Hoping it will encourage and inspire me too to make things happen that I've lacked confidence to do. Great suggestion, thank you 😘 xxx 

  • Hope ye all are enjoying the book. Not going to lie I started off absolutely loving the book, then I lost a little interest in middle but picked up again and I really loved the end. Serious determination, passion and honestly just shows when u have the right people around u, just what u can achieve x 

  • @Gemma O Connor totally the same Gemma i felt it dragged a lot in the middle! Picked up after the dip though, really enjoyed it overall! He built some empire!x

  • Really enjoyed Shoedog I also felt like it got kind of slow in the middle. I'm currently reading When crawdads sing its brilliant if your looking for a book this month don't know if anyone recommended a bok for October.

  • @Emma Sullivan also reading where the crawdads sing, it's a great read! Highly recommend.

  • @Caron Moore LOVED where the crawdads sing, so so good!! 

  • @Danielle McKay and@Sarah Marshall thanks for the suggestion il have read to get crawdad sings next x

  • Ooooh girls I'm reading where the crawdads sing at the moment!!!! Finding it bit hard to get into but when I start reading I cant put it fown

  • I'm so excited there is an actual book club on here! I've got back into reading again, I take notions. Am I to late for this months book? x

  • @Danielle McKay it's amazing isn't it? Do you read in their accent? I was cracking myself up reading it! I really didn't know what to expect from it but was so pleasantly surprised.  Best one in a long time!

  • Hi Queens, wanted to know how we are getting on with the book?? Would like to arrange a get together to discuss 

  • @Emma Sullivan I'm  reading this at the min,soo good!

  • @Carmel Mulvany I was the same at the  beginning and now I can't  put it down.Love it!

  • @Maeve McCann I Just need to go to bed early so I'm not falling asleep ready it!!!! Disaster!!!! I've started watching Emily in Paris and I'm binging!!! Thanks @Maeve Madden for another good watch!

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