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Split Squats | MaeveMadden

Split Squats

  • Morning Queens,

    I'm really struggling to do the forward split squats in Titanium and now in Satisfaction. I have been doing a tap back to fill it up but I don't feel like I'm progressing to a split squat and it kills the buzz of the song slowing down to tap back.

    I can do all the lunges etc in other work outs but I think it's the speed required and I never had balance before team queen so I can't trust my legs to hold me and I'm afraid of falling over. 

    Anyone else experiencing this? And do you have any tips /ideas how to get to split squat perfection? 

  • @Amy Shelly I know what u mean. I can get it somedays & then other days it's like I never done split squats before. 😲😲. For me if I bring the back leg out slightly wider I can maintain the balance & I make not to rush it. Tummy is always tight. Practice makes perfect. Uve got this. 👑 👑 👑 

  • Hey@Amy Shelly, they are pretty tough! I have found them hard, but more being out of breath/ fitness wise than not being able to keep balanced, they just completely take it out of me! Maybe one thing you could do is to do the move but don't lunge down as far so you can keep your balance. Or just try to do one each time and alternate legs, instead of fitting in the two, so you don't have to do it as quickly. 

  • @Amy Shelly You're definitely not alone Amy! I have pretty bad knees and always have had (didn't win the genetic lottery in terms of good joints unfortunately lol) so I find the split squat puts a lot of pressure on my knees when switching from one side to the other. Ive been doing the shuffle, then jumping into a backward lunge and just doing one leg at a time so I'll shuffle, rt leg back, shuffle, lt leg back etc etc and hopefully some day I might be able to chance the split squats but I don't trust my knees! You'll build up more strength and balance and you'll get there eventually queen, there's no such thing as can't, sometimes you have to convinve your brain that you can do it even if it's just one and you will get there! Keep going Amy! xx

  • @Niamh Byrne@Sarah Williams@Audrey Browne  thank you all for your advice. I think with the last workout I did, I just got so in my head and angry about wanting to do it perfect that I couldn't compromise! I feel off one of those electronic scooters last year, really hurt my right knee and never really trusted it since. Those scooters are fun but not worth the injuries they cause! 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Amy Shelly Yeah I had a bad fall onto my knee when I was about 13, had fluid on it for months and months and it still gives me trouble to this day! I try be so so careful with it now but I find even when I'm kneeling down I have to kneel on a towel or pillow because my knees are just terrible 😂😅 Definitely mind yourself though! I know it's so hard wanting to do everything and when something like that holds yiou back but you don't want to end up injured x

  • Hey Amy, I was the same too,really bad balance,even struggled just doing normal lunges for a while but slowly getting better. I find with the split squats if I swing/shuffle my arms in sync with my legs it helps me and I also try start off doing it a bit slower so as not to fall and hurt myself,so I do relatively fast shuffle then when I drop down to lunge I slow it down if that makes sense?!😅I sometimes cant keep up with the same reps Maeve does but still give it my best go! I find I struggle with the walk out plank more than anything, I dont know why, I always feel sick when Im facing the floor like that. We all have our difficulties I guess but we're still doing better than most 💪

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