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Early Morning Queens | MaeveMadden

Early Morning Queens

  • Hi - I would like to start getting some workouts in before I start work, so around a 7am workout. I'm thinking start on a Tuesday, doing the previous day's workout. Is anyone else doing this? Do you eat first or wait til after? And any tips about getting up and motivated that early? 


  • @Claire McGlinchey hiya Queen, everyone is different Claire regarding the eating before or after. For me I used to have my breakfast 1st but then found I was starving after the workout & ended up having a 2nd breakfast 🙄 so now I don't normally eat until after workout but I wld have a small banana or satsuma just to boost me before I start as sometimes I feel so hungry & this tides me over until I have my breakfast. But as I say everyone is different. Enjoy ur workouts doll 🥰 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • hi, yes, I do then before work a couple of days a week, I don't eat before, just out of bed, 6.15, workout 6.30 -7.15, then shower, school run and breakfast at my desk 8.30!

  • @Claire McGlinchey Hi Claire! So i work alternating early and late shifts weekly, so although its not quite getting up that early, on my late shift i always have to make a point of dragging myself out of bed before work to do it, because i know i won't go near it if i wait until that evening when i finish!

    It is tough for the first wee while ill admit but you honestly feel so much better for it, and eventually it just becomes normal routine.

    It was personal preference for me to eat my breakfast after, because i didn't want to get a stitch (or get up any earlier to let it settle 😋)

    Hope that helps and good luck!! I'll be doing the same in the January challenge every other week as well so any struggles we can work through them together x 

  •  I just did sweaty sevens , the first workout since 22nd and oh god my arms were not Ready!!!

    It gave me the incentive I needed to start drinking the water again. That's the hardest for me as I always hated 💧.  

    Is it just me or does anyone want the routine back? 

  • @siobhan Scally well done u I haven't done anything at all. I went for a cliff walk today which I enjoyed but defo need my routine back. But dreading the sore muscles. 🥵👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • @siobhan Scally definitely can't wait for the routine to come back! I feel like my body is so tired from doing nothing 🤔 I did a HIIT class this morning, my first workout other than sweaty 7s since November! Definitely feeling aches I haven't felt in a while but it feels good to be back, I was taking it super easy because I'm still recovering but I was an absolute ball of sweat! 💦💦
    Definitely enjoying the break but cannot wait to get back into routine 💪🏻💛

  • @Audrey Browne you've been going non stop all year Audrey! I think you deserve the break queen 👑💛 I wish you could send me some of your energy 😂x

  • Thank you for all the advice ladies! Happy New Year! Looking forward to the January challenge 😋

  • Happy New year Queens 👸 .

    I know people want to see the back of this year but I can honestly say I enjoyed it!! I do understand the hurt and devastation that covid has brought but this is just for me personally.

    My home/garden has never looked so good. My kids have never seen me as much as they have this year as I work full time until lockdown and now I'm part time. It has shown me to slow down and its the smaller things we need to appreciate.

    Also by joining @Maeve Madden and having the queens i have taken time for myself which I don't think I would have done. Now my confidence has come back which I am most grateful for. So apart from not been able to travel for a family holiday I have to say I loved 2020.

    I did the perky peach workout yesterday from our last live workout and to say it hurts when I bend or sit down is an understatement 😅 . It just shows how far we have all come. Mondays class will be fun. Take pity on us @Maeve Madden .

  • @Claire McGlinchey Hi Claire, yes I usually can't join the lives so often catch up the next morning before work, at about 6.30 or 7.  It is hard to get up especially on these cold, dark mornings, but it is a great way to start the day.  I find an early morning work outs puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day, and I feel like I have more time later in the day to get everything else done, without having to worry about squeezing in a workout.  You know how the day just gets away from you sometimes, or is that just me? 😅  

    I have breakfast after the workout, but make sure to have plenty of water before, during and after the workout.

    I am also with all you ladies who are needing the routine back!

    Good luck with the early starts 😊

  • @Claire McGlinchey i was doing the workouts before work and was getting up around 6 to do them. Absolutely loved it! Such a great way to start your day and I always find the further in to the day it gets the harder it is to make myself do the workout. I was leaving my curtains open so I woke with the sunrise which really helped but it might be a little tougher now with the darker mornings! Good luck with the workouts! Today's was 🔥🔥🔥

  • Week 1 done and 3 workouts in, 7.30 AM 😎 definitely not as daunting as I had thought it would be! Thanks for all the advice 💪completely agree, it sets you up for the day and helps with water intake, one litre down already before 9am! 

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