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Team Queen Brides 👰🏼💍 | MaeveMadden

Team Queen Brides 👰🏼💍

  • Great idea for a thread! I've been engaged since April 2019 and due to get married in June 2021. 
    I have a feeling this year is going to be an epic year of weddings! Xx

  • @Lauren Farrar yes! Already booked for this summer since last year! Hopefully restrictions will be lifted, but honestly don't mind if we can only have a Few. Please God the vaccine will start to work and we all get it! Good luck team brides! Looking forward to this challenge the most as a good kick start for the wedding dress 😂 x

  • Hey fellow bride queens! I have just booked a wedding for 2022, so hoping everything is back to normal by then 😬

  • Hi everyone. I'm new here so just finding this thread. I'm in same boat. I was due to be married 5th Sept 2020 and moved to 27th March 2021 but the anxiety got too much so I moved it again. Hopefully third time is a charm. New date is 9th Oct 2021. Keeping everything crossed that we may be able to have our full numbers but myself and my partner have decided that no matter the restrictions we will definitely be husband and wife on that date. It's been tough going and I feel for all of you in the same boat. But no matter the numbers on the day or whether it was everything you dreamed, it will be the perfect day because you will be saying I do to the love of your life ❤️

  • Hey Queen!

    I am due to get married 27th March 2021 after rescheduling from August 2020! We have chosen to go ahead even if we are only allowed a small wedding as for me personally the anxiety and stress is just too much... plus I need to fit into my dress and not sure how much longer I can maintain this 😂

    Everyone keeps telling me whatever kind of wedding big/small it will be amazing so try to remember that! So grateful for these workouts to keep me motivated!

    Julia x

  • @Maria Howard Awwww that's a beautiful photo you both look so happy. That's really reassuring to hear from other brides who's plans have been changed that their day was still amazing. Also, I guess it's not all bad as you essentially get another wedding when you have your reception. Will be the party of the century after all these lockdowns x

  • @Emma Mohan definitely feel your pain Emma, but I am hopeful that things will resume back to normal soon. I would like to think that most venues will also try to be as accommodating as possible to move dates again if needs be. 
    Wishing you all the luck in the world 🍀 and got my fingers crossed for you🤞🏻 x

  • @Davina Yes absolutely, we will all have to share pictures from our weddings as/when we get to have our special days (no matter what form they take) x

  • @Corinn Burnip congratulations! Oh I'm sure things will be back to normal by 2022. Now you get to have the exciting part of planning it all 😊 x 

  • @Caitriona Brown love the positive attitude Caitriona 💕. Definitely think this last year has put in perspective what is most important in life, healt and happiness of your loved ones. So whilst it is disappointing that some brides might not be able to have the wedding they envisioned, I absolutely agree that it will still be a special day no matter what x

  • @Julia Galloway Awwww Julie I totally get it. It's stressful enough planning one wedding, let alone having to replan it two or even three times for some brides. 
    But after listening to all the other brides on here who have gone ahead with a small wedding it's so reassuring to hear that it's just as special. Not long until your big day now, how exciting x

  • @Lauren Farrar Definitely reassuring although I am hoping it will be more than 6 (current irish restrictions!)... We shall all have fabulous weddings and I cant wait to share and see how everyones days turn out! 

    Less than 3 months 😯

  • @Lauren Farrar thanks Lauren. I really hope things do return to normal soon. 🤞🏻 Good luck to all the brides to be 🍀

  • We had planned to get married in the summer in South America but covid obviously had other plans for us. We are currently living in New York so we decided to take matters in to our own hands and elope here and have a big party at home in Scotland down the line when we can.

    It was just the two of us and two witnesses and it was perfect. Not what we had planned but still a really wonderful day. I know you will have put a lot of money and effort in to the planning of your big day but no matter what it will be special. Once you've married your man that's all that matters! It's a really lovely feeling. I'll have my fingers crossed for all  you fellow corona brides and I hope you get your special day 🤞🏻🥂

  • @Sarah Marshall This is so beautiful! Congratulations 😍

  • @Sarah Marshall oh wow you look stunning 😍! I absolutely love that suit, so chic. So pleased to hear you had an amazing day and again really reassuring for the rest of us brides to know that no matter how big or how small the wedding is it will still be a special day x

  • I'm may 2021 too! I think we are going to go ahead as long as our close family are allowed to come. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

  • @Lauren Farrar aww thank you! We really were so happy on our day and nothing else mattered!!   Enjoy and don't let what's not in your control bother you, your day will be perfect t because it's yours! xx

  • I'm September 2021, so crossing fingers! I don't feel like I can get too excited as I've had two friends postpone once each, and another has had to move it twice, but cautiously optimistic that by September things will be ok. We are finding it a nightmare to get suppliers sorted though as they are all booked up from the weddings that rolled over from 2020, so it may be ham sandwiches all round!

    All the pics from 2020 weddings posted so far look beautiful.

  • I got engaged last year (just before lockdown 1!). We booked our wedding for June 2022, found that 2022 was already being booked up! Some of my friends and family are getting/have married with corona restrictions and they have all had brilliant days. It's definitely reminded me of what's really important! 

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