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Female Talk... | MaeveMadden

Female Talk...

  • 😂😂😂 I'm the same so I'm gonna start doing mornings but earlier - not live though 🙈

  • I was just about to look for a thread on gyne issues there and this came to the top of the topics on Chat!!
    I have endometriosis and PCOS, and had been following Maeve and previously chatted to her on instgram years ago about both.

    Ive secondary infertility too and have 1 16 year old son with my husband and had one miscarriage in that time and have not used any contraception in 15 years! Have had a few drug treatments for infertility but none have been sucessful. I cant use OPK's (ovulation Prediction Kits) as with PCOS sometimes your progesterone can be too low for them to pick it up, so they have never ever given me a possitive even when my bloods or ultrasound does!

    Concidering going abroad for IVF but Covid is adding to my list of reasons not to.

    I am 41 now and feel the gap between my 16 year old and potential sibling could be massive. I was told once by an ivf clinic that my son is more than likely the tiny window when I could possibly get pregnant and it worked...I was 24.

  • @RachyB Ugh QUEEN! Bravo 👏👏👏 the honesty and bravery you've shown could help so many other queens get the help they need💜 just when I think this community is amazing as it is another queen steps up to hold out a hand for everyone 🙌❤️ I hope everything works out for you gal your in my thoughts x

  • @Anne Hamilton Black 


    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, such a strong person to have gone through so much and not loose hope! 

    Did you have somewhere in mind for your IVF I'm guessing going abroad is cheaper than in going private in the UK? 

    I'm waiting for surgery and then tests for 'Endo' are going to start.... one of the reasons I found Maeve was because a friend of mine suggested her and told me to check her out and I fell in love with her honesty about everything! 

    💜 xx



  • @Shannon Lawless 

    Awwww thank you! I didn't have anyone I thought I could turn to and thought hey I'm gnna be that person for someone else and since I posted about it it's like a weights been lifted off my mind and I can breath - if that makes sense! 

    This community is incredible, just a group of women who want to support and build each other up! Xx

  • @Beth Haughian@AnneMarie Elliot  your both putting me to shame! I caught up last night of yesterday's legs session that hurt this morning when I poped  to the loo at 4:30am ha! Looking forward to combat queens 💝 glad to hear you both doing good... how you finding lock down life are you both working? Xx

  • @RachyB Yes I'm a secondary school teacher so I've been remote teaching which is very stressful not gonna lie 😂 It's a new job that I started last week so it's weird teaching kids that I've never met! I've been in work everyday but got my work laptop sorted this morning so today was the first working at home officially. Going to do 2 days at home and 3 in school to try and eliminate the back to back workouts lol! I'm coping okay with lockdown because I have the routine of work and stuff but I am desperate to go out for a nice meal or just meet up with people and go for a coffee... it's the simple things 😂😂

  • @RachyB you did the right thing. Sometimes we don't check with doctors and wait that the pain will go... we think that is nothing and just by the time the body will be fixed by itself... but many times a simple check can give us the answer and a quick and proper solution... the fear of having a bad news will keep us far for easy solution and make things worse! Prevention is the key! We all should check ourself time to time even if we feel good! Keep safe queens!!! 

  • @Valeria Lorgio - yes! Totally it's all about the fear of the unknown and the inevitable quick google search that happens that then scares the crap out of you! Hahahaha 😂 but yes totally agree xx

  • @Beth Haughian OMG I miss those little things, I'm so excited to go for dinner with my family and eat a 3 course meal! Ha!
    How are you settling into your new job, do you teach a certain subject?  Did you do combat tonight? X

  • @RachyB I know full on feast mode hahaha! Yes I teach Technology & Design, ICT & Bench Joinery/Carpentry... 11-16 year olds so you can imagine the attitude sometimes lol! Yes I did combat this evening! Love Combat Queens... possibly my favourite class of the week 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • @Beth Haughian  hahahaha especially since they have grown up with technology I bet they think they know it all! 
    mine 2... I love Cotten eye jo! but I do love a sweaty 7's session! I love them all really ha! 

  • Hey Queens, 


    I hope your all doing fab and enjoying the challenge so excited for this Sunday's festival! 

    I just thought I'd check in and see how you getting on? Have any of you had any news? I hope your doing ok.. 

    Rach xx

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