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  • Hey Queens, are there any career advisors on here that could help with my quarter life crisis 😂😂 hating my job so much, studied in it undergrad and masters and now want to do something completely different 😭 tears on the lunch break and everything 🙈🙈 thanks queens xx

  • @Katy Evans I'm so so sorry to hear that- it can be so overwhelming and becomes this massive big weight that hangs over you. Two career coaches I know of that are recommended are (Insta handles) theintegrativecoach and lyndabarry_careerconsulting

    I hope you are doing Combat Queens at 6 (or even after!)- it will help give you a lift on this otherwise miserable day. 

    Glad you reached out hun, hope you get some more help and suggestions here

  • @Katy Evans ive been there before and the best thing I ever did was leave.

    It was so draining and horrible and dreaded going to work in the morning and it inevitably affects your work! 

    I know it might be scary and everything at the moment to think of a career change but I recommend 100%

  • @Gemma Marston also I've heard that @badasscareers is great! 

  • @Katy Evans oh nooooo queen, I've been there b4 and its not pleasant! I would have advised same people as the other queens! Hope you can get some1 to help you through this xx

  • @Katy Evans oh Queen I'm sorry to hear this! I'm a Talent Acquisition Manager and can definitely help in this area! It may be a risk but it's never too late to change careers, it might be scary but it's worth it for your happiness. When you reach a point in your job or in a company when you are unhappy ,@Gemma Marston is so right, it is draining and it consumes you and it will affect not only your mental well being but your physical wellbeing too.. 

  • @Katy EvansEvans Absolutely know where your coming from, but i actually had planned to leave my job to travel... Which obviously isn't happening at the moment because of covid, so here i am a year and a half later still in the job and just wanting away and a change!! (team queen has helped me power through that 100% though i must say)

    Hopefully someone is able to help you out on this- James smith's not a life coach book is a actually a great book for putting careers and life in perspective as well if you are a reader, it might help you decide what to do, I'm hooked on it at the moment! 

  • @Sharon Scully that is sooo true, even the thought of leaving makes me feel lighter so maybe that's a sign!! I will deffo have a look at these suggestions thank you sooo much. I did combat and oh my god what a difference in my mood I loved it! Thanks so much for your help xx

  • @Gemma Marston yeppp literally snoozing the alarm until the very latest possible... then I get to work and sit in my car for ages because I don't want to go in 🤦‍♀️ how awful!? Got myself on indeed this eve looking at options - thanks Queen xx

  • @Carmel Mulvany thank youuu soo much soo glad I reached out!! Xx

  • @Julia Knudsen oh my gosh I'd love to talk it through with you if that's okay?! Exactly it's affecting everything because it makes me so drained!! Honestly these workouts are really helping me after work atm xx

  • @Danielle McKay oh myyy... I feel you.. I had a year sabbatical starting Jan 2020 because I wasn't enjoying it and wanted a year to travel and work stuff out.. went to New Zealand and then Sydney Then was Road tripping around Tasmania and suddenly had to fly home because of covid 😭😭 then straight back into this job because they needed me so that was an absolute flop and a half!!! So you're lucky you hadn't left before it kicked off🙈 at least you will get to have a proper trip after this is all over and it will be sooo worth the wait!! Ah sweet thanks for the recommendation I'll have a look at this!! Thank youuu xx

  • @Katy Evans a problem shared is a problem halved!!!! Xx

  • @Katy Evans ive been there! Once I realised that before I sat and wrote a list of pros/cons to the job and what was making me unhappy about it. Then I talked to a careers advisor at my local university and ended up going back to study part time to try get myself the job I want. I dont know if that helps but I promise it does get better 💯 

  • @Katy Evans aw that sounds amazing! At least you managed to experience a little bit before covid struck, and hopefully it's not too long before we can get back to the travels!! Good luck with the decision, remember what's for you won't go by you, and there's a great group of girls here to help us through the struggles if needed 🥰 x

  • @Katy Evans of course, happy to help as much as I can 💗 The workouts are amazing!!! 

  • @Katy Evans Awh Katy thats very tough girl - you are in great position with an great education behind you and very young so loads of time to re train or take time or start over. You have clearly demonstrated your grit and determination in achieving your education and loyalty to your job to date

    Ive just finished my job after 20 yrs - 31 yrs in total working at airports since i was 15. My background was HR,recruitment and training and in 2007 there was massive restructures done and i was put into a job i knew nothing about - i was chosen as i had a Business Degree and i absolutely hated being chained to desk and even though it was still great money and conditions and so on i lost alot of my vigour along the way. I am social and love people and love talking/training so eventhough i stayed for security and money and wanted to build our house and make sure the kids were ok i forgot about myself.

    Make the change,take the chance, you will never regret it.

    Have you an idea of what you would like to do. I recently did a workshop with a good friend and ex colleague on personal vision and when the questions of what you want are asked it really makes you think, I am slowly putting together what i would like and where i could see myself. I feel sometimes at 46 that I've left it too late but i feel 26 so hopefully i will plough on :):) xx

  • @Katy Evans oh completely know how you feel!! I've just recently taken redundancy from where I was working for the last ten years...some good times but it was 100% time to move on. I've lost count of how many times I said I was going to leave while there (plenty of lunchbreak tears too!) but I just never had the lady balls 😂 It was only when there was a restructure which meant I would need to commit to another team I just knew I couldn't stay anymore, needed a change!! Haven't quite figured out what I want to do yet, like yourself I would love to do something a bit different so working on that at the moment though it's a bit scary 😬 best of luck with your research into new roles, let us know how you get on!! 💛

  • @Meabh Reilly oh wow that was so brave of you after 10 years!! It's amazing how things happen for a reason, it was almost like the restructure reiterated and opened your eyes to you needing and wanting that new chapter 💗 that took a lot of strength Queen, you should be so proud of yourself! It is scary but somehow it always figures itself out in the end xx

  • @Gemma Marston I'm going to do write a pros and cons list now great idea thanks queen. So kind helping me out :) xx

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