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Pilates | MaeveMadden


  • Feeling strong, long and lean after pilates this morning. It was a lovely low impact strength class with great stretches too. About 30/35 minutes..so a perfect class for those needing a shorter class. 

    I missed the first seven minutes so I went back to do them when the class finished. I'd highly recommend the class for anyone looking for a low impact, strength based class. 🔥👑🌶️💙

  • Yes Queen!! Well done for making the early morning! I feel so set up for the day! 😀

  • @Sinead Bergin omg Sinead thank you so much , I missed it, actually had an awful nights sleep, perky peach now, but I am thrilled you enjoyed Sineads class, shes a top coach

  • @Maeve Madden queen don't be worrying! We had a great morning! And rest is way more important! Have a good class! 😘

  • I slept in but definitely will try this out over the weekend. Sounds like a great class! 

  • @Sinead Bergin cant wait for this today! Overstretched this morning and back sore but I'll give it a go!!! Love a good old stretch xx

  • Ahhhhmazing class!!! Absolutely loved it!!! It was soooo engaging, mind ANDDD body!!! I personally felt so into it that I could only hear Sinead's voice and my breathing!!! 💜👸💜

  • @Sinead Corcoran thanks you, I'm just after completing the class and it was honestly amazing. just want I needed a bit of low impact burn & body challenge  💕🔥 thanks@Maeve Madden  for providing just an variety of classes absolutely love the platform u created xx

  • @Sinead Corcoran oh my goodness that is exactly what I needed today! Thank you soooooo much sinead!!! I over stretched this morning reaching up high to get my 8yr old her unicorn outfit...(as you do 😂😂😀🤭) and top of back has been hurting..... until I did ur class from this morning! It was fab and loosened everything back out!!! My arms were on fire!!!! They've gotten a serious workout this wk. Thanks again  enjoy ur wkend!! X

  • @Sinead Corcoran just caught up with your class there. Loved it, feel lovely and relaxed. Think that is one I would go back to do destress.

    Hope you have a great weekend ☺️

  • Well done Pilates queens! I'm sure you were fab!! Can't wait to see you all next week - we'll be stepping it up a level - that was the introduction 😉😉

  • Just caught up with your class Sinead. It was so good. Just what I needed to help strengthen the core. And always welcome a good stretch! I suffer with lower back pain so I love these types of classes to take it slow and strengthen up those muscles. Thank you 😊😊 

    • I couldn't manage to get the energy for a workout yesterday and nearly skipped it today as well but said I would try the Pilates, just finished and so happy I did it, great workout but nice and relaxing as well, wish I actually did it this morning and my day may have went better 😂 really is true you never regret a workout 👸love there is the lower impact workouts available for the days you just can't quite manage to jump on the venga bus 😂

  • Just caught up on the workout. Such a good start to the day I found some of the moves quite tough but I guess practice makes perfect! 🌶❤️

  • I just caught up. Felt like I needed stretched out this morning this was perfect.

    @Sinead Corcoran I am just fan girling over you, you looked so graceful...there was nothing graceful about my attempts lol 

    I couldn't quite get out of my own head trying to concentrate on the moves but I am going to do the class tomorrow again, see if I can flow better. Thank you. :) and thank you @Maeve Madden for so much variety, love it. 

  • @Carmel Mulvany this made me giggle, my girl is obsessed with dress up, so I could imagine the scene. lol 

    Your poor back though, hope your feeling better. 👍

  • @Aisling McGlinchey 😂😂😂😂 dressing up at every opportunity!!!!! Its sore again today, not sure if I'll chance any activity today! 😌😌 I'll just have to rest it up! 

  • @Robyn Clohessy absolutely right queen, some days just need a slower pace!! And once completed you feel happy you did 1 good class!!! Xx

  • Just finished Sinead's Pilates after doing this mornings class, oh it was a toughie 😅 I feel like I was having an off day today, even the HIIT & arms I feel like I should've gotten so much more out of it but tomorrow is another day!
    I do feel strong after Pilates, was a fabulous class! Thanks so much @Sinead Corcoran! I really hope to keep at the Pilates consistently and hopefully start feel stronger 💪🏻

  • Another great class. A great core burner. Such a fantastic class to build upon strength. I love @Sinead Corcoran calm presence too. 

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