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Discount Codes

  • After the chats at today's class I thought I would create this topic so we can let @Maeve Madden  know if there are any particular brands we'd like codes for. Thanks in advance Maeve :) x

  • Such a good idea!!! I'm hoping himself gets on the emails and comes through with that Gymshark discount 😂😂😂

  • OMG yes Gymshark would be amazing!! I've wanted a pair of their leggings for ages!

  • Yeah defo Gymshark, I got a pair of leggings at Christmas and I love them! Any of the Irish brands would be fab too 

  • Definitely gymshark or Gym plus coffee would be fantastic 😍 also love the Irish companies like peachy lean and new dimensions 🙌🏻🙌🏻💛

  • @Niamh Byrne love love GymShark and GymplusCoffee!! 🥰🥰 treated myself to a few bits from GymShark and I am in love with their leggings!!

  • @Julia Knudsen aw I do love Gymshark! My sister got me a voucher for my birthday so I got a few bits the other day and I'm not so patiently awaiting their arrival 😂😂 I always want to get coloured leggings but I still feel self conscious wearing any leggings or jeans that aren't black or denim. Think I'll see about getting a nice colour soon but just don't want to buy them and hate how I look in them lol! 😅💕

  • @Niamh Byrne I was exactly the same but recently thought, 'hey you're a queen you can wear whatever colours you want!!' I bought a bright salmony pink pair the very same day and I love them hehe! You're a queen Niamh and I bet you look fab in ANY colour! 🤩🎉💕

  • @Niamh Byrne I was the same Niamh, got some pink nike ones on the ASOS sale and I love them 😍

  • Good idea guys I'm loving sweaty Betty leggings great for my big ass and tighs all my other leggings keep busting xx 

  • I would absolutely love a Shock absorber discount code if that would be at all possible! 😍

  • Can't recommend symprove enough ... I take it and so does my brother who can't do without it for his Parkinsons.Would love the Symprove from Meaghers to be available on subscription with discount ... subscription currently only to UK customers via Symprove direct .🙏thanks so much@Maeve Madden for being our voice 


  • Revive is also brilliant I take the zest active every morning and I love it! Another fab Irish brand 💚

  • I got a really good deal on Symprove last year at the health and fitness expo in the convention centre, was telling the rep who's my sisters friend, that I'd heard about it yrs ago from@Maeve Madden and she said she's been a great brand rep and the product really suited her. It was so good, definitely helped, I used it for 6 months.

  • Got the BUM BUM cream with discount code on look fantastic,  lovely smell and my skin feels so soft.👑👍👍🤩

  • @Anne Hamilton Black getting the discount on Symprove is great🥰. It's so pricey every 3 months - I usually find a 15/20% off discount thankfully.. but would be great to be able to have subscription sign up available with the discount built in . At the moment as well there are big delays on deliveries because of brexit 😖 

  • @Niamh Byrne Awww what a lovely gift!!! 💗 There was a bit of a delay with mine as well but they were so worth the wait!! I think the bright colors would really suit you! They have gorgeous colors in their tights!  You do you queen whatever you are comfortable in xx

  • Yes@Maria McAnearney shock absorber would be amazing!

  • @Paula McMahon omg Queen I must get more & I never even thought about the discount code for bum bum cream whicj I love. Do u have the code please Paula! 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • @Paula McMahon that stuff is amazing! Bought it in America an im hooked since 

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