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Running | MaeveMadden


  • Hey gals, was about to join the live workout there but was asked to go a run with my brother. Decided to join him as any form of human contact means so much right now. Was pretty nervous because I have not ran in MONTHS and my peach is feeling it from circuits yesterday. Thought I would die but not only did I survive, I enjoyed it, didn't feel the need to stop and actually felt like I could keep running for longer. Never felt so powerful during a run. Shows how much these workouts really improve your overall fitness and not just a specific type of training. 

    I think after this challenge I'm going to try and start adding a weekly run back into my schedule as it is so good to get out of the house as well. 

    Any other runners out there? Have you noticed a difference since joining QDQ? Maybe we could start a virtual running club from afar at some point! 🏃‍♀️

  • @Amy Johnston yaaaaas! Go you queen! I went last Sunday to test myself I'd say I haven't ran in 9ish months ?!!? 🙈 Like I only tested 2k but I flew it, faster, more able felt good doing it! Went again Sunday, 3k same again faster, well able and enjoyed it!! And it's totally down to these classes I was a slow and steady and dying sort of runner before this 😅😅

    Feels so good to be getting stronger ☺️☺️☺️ have u the nike run app? We could set up a challenge if anyone's keen you set a target for each month it's quiet motivating .. ☺️ again haven't used it in a long time but it was good when I did 😂😂 

    How were your knees after the run? Thats a tell tail in itself I think when you stop and start 😅

  • @Amy Johnston YES queen thats bloody great news!!! i like you havent ran in ages but few wks ago my friend wanted me to join her and i completely surprised myself by now much i was able to run. I love walking but always struggled with running!!! Now i have stopped again as my friend got covid but might start back as i did feel great after it.  The only thing i noticed was a got a shine splint for the first time, not sure if it was due to running, might just check if I start again.

    Well done queen, we are getting stronger day by day without even realising!!!!! x


  • @Amy Johnston This actually happened me the other week I was out walking and just felt like running and I really did enjoy it so now I'm looking for good running trainers to get myself set up to avoid injuries and whatnot! I was so shocked at myself it was such a great feeling, our fitness is definitely improving everyday with QDQ. Well done queen x

  • @Leonie Mcnulty That's amazing you've seen such an improvement! Probably wise easing into it after not running in so long but so good to hear you're feeling a lot fitter and actually enjoyed it also. Think because we get such a mix of focussing on our lower body and building out cardio it's really built up our full fitness levels. Also I think this is the longest I've kept up exercise consistantly as it's so easy to do them from the house. 

    I've never tried the Nike running app as I've always used strava. That's good you can do challenges on it. I'd probably be keen. Makes you accountable to actually go a run as it's so easy to talk yourself out of it! 

    My knees seem fine actually. I used to have issues with them but they seem ok (fingers crossed). I never thought about the stop and start affecting it! 

  • @Carmel Mulvany I think having a running partner definitely helps. Hope your friend is ok! Normally when I run with my brother I'm thinking "omg please stop or slow down" (He's 6"2) but I managed to keep up and not die when trying to talk 😂 Always a great feeling when you finish. 

    Hmm not sure, maybe because of your shoes or because you've not done that type of exercise in a while? Might be worth trying a shorter distance to see if you have the same issues again. Can be so frustrating being injured, especially when you don't know the cause of it

  • @Amy Johnston totally queen, d joys of being part of QDQ was getting tips and stretches of other queens and the trainers and I was flying again!!! Might be brave and try again. So happy for you xxx

  • @Niamh Byrne That's amazing :) normally it takes so much motivation to get yourself to run so that's good you just did it because you felt like it and you enjoyed it. I think QDQ really has brought a sense of pride in your body as you progress, it's something I've never really experienced before. 

    Just saw your message on the forum about running shoes. I bought a pair of the Nike Pegasus trainers last year because I was having knee problems. Went to one of those shops where you walk on a treadmill and they tell you the best type of shoe for you - then went home and bought a pair from Nike when I had a voucher and a discount code 😂 Shame you can't do that at the moment with the shops being shut! They are quite expensive as a lot of Nike shoes are but I haven't had any issues. I wouldn't say I have a strong opinion on them, they do the job haha. I got a pair very similar to these but in a slightly different colour. https://www.nike.com/gb/t/air-zoom-pegasus-36-shield-running-shoe-K3KrKg/AQ8006-001 Only main recomendation I can give though is buy a dark colour because white ones get wrecked very quickly! 

  • @Amy Johnston I found the exact same thing. About this time last year I started running and I was really struggling with it and took a few months break from running from about October and began QDQ and I couldn't believe when I went back running in January, after a huge break, my running was better than ever. I was much faster and I could keep up with my boyfriend (who usually leaves me for dust) and my breathing was much better. I know the QDQ classes have helped my running so much and I'm really enjoying it unlike before. A virtual running club is a great idea.

    @Carmel Mulvany I also suffered from shin splints when I first started running and I found a huge change when I swapped out my runners, took breaks between running days and by choosing a flatter running route. I found going up and down hills really bothered my shins. 

  • @Amy Johnston if I don't start small I'm afraid I'll start hating it again!! I think that stemmed from the lack of ability though and now I do feel well able!! ☺️ Can you do challenges on strava or just connect on it?? I'm good with either if anyone else is keen ☺️ 

    Yeah the bloody knees haha I haven't gone far or long enough to get any aches yet but I probably should invest in runners for it too 🥴 nice shout on the pegasus they are lovely and I would have 100% bought them in fab white even though I run in a forest and never given it a second thought til I seen your comment😳😂!!! 

  • @Carmel Mulvany aw your poor friend!! Shin splints def can be shoe related but if u get new ones and get them again then slow down a touch and see if that helps!! I once ever (10years ago mind!!) Trained for half marathon and that was the advice I was given and it worked!! 🤞

  • @Amy Johnston well done you are amazing 🤩 I feel the same last March 2020 I started running and doing Maeve's Instagram workouts. I was a person who hated exercise and the outdoors !!  Now I have found my love for it I feel amazing, more body confident and have cured my restrictive eating !! 
    running is amazing I can now run 5k in under 30 minutes 💪🏼 
    I would definitely love to do a virtual running club girls 😍👑

  • @Leonie Mcnulty good woman,  thanks so much queen xx

  • Maybe we should try and like up our running soon then! After posting this the other day I have been suffering with my muscle pain since 😂 My legs are like - woah we're not used to this! Will definitely need to keep it up now!

    @Leanne Doyle That's amazing. Its such a good feeling isn't it! Like "woah where did this stamina come from?" Breathing is always so difficult when running as well. So glad you're really enjoying it now. Makes such a difference when exercise is enjoyable rather than a chore. 

    @Leonie Mcnulty Yeah that's the best way to approach it and not to put too much pressure on yourself. I have no idea actually would need to properly look at the app. I normally just record a run and tag a person in it. I'd be happy to download the Nike app though. 

    Yeah it might be worth looking into at some point. I always just went for the cheapest decent looking pair until then but if you don't have any issues with the pair you have now there's no point in forking out. Haha yep I learned the hard way, those ones I have are quite easy to wipe clean. You end up ruining them by putting them through the washing machine too often and they never look white again. 

    @Tara Jayne Wade Congratulations on beating your time, getting 5k in under 30 minutes is so good :) The fact you're feeling more body confident and aren't as restrictive with your eating is huge! Can completely empathise with that. Not quite body confident yet but very proud of how much strength I'm building. Keep it up - so happy for you 💜

  • @Amy Johnston if ye download the nike app and send me yer email address I will try and set one up! 

    What target distance would suit everyone? ☺️ It can be anything and wouldn't really matter if we hit it or didn't but just to set some sort of target to motivate us ☺️ what do ye think? 


  • I have started weekly running and slowly loving it ! No more than 5K currently and recently upped my average pace which i so proud of! Usually running causes me a lot of after pain but paired with the work outs and lots of stretching I'm feeling fab !

  • @Leonie Mcnulty Just downloaded the app now. My email is johnstona.1993@gmailcom 

    Happy to go for whatever suits everyone else. Will be a nice incentive to add it into our routine :) 

    @Julia Galloway That's great you're really getting into it and are building up your pace. 5k runs are a good workout! Also that's good you'd not finding much pain after them now. That's what I really need to work on!

  • Hi everyone, I'm so delighted to find this thread. I was going to write it myself before I found it. I started back running before Christmas after taking a break (from a sketchy previous running career let's be honest). I'm slowly slowly building my strength and like yourselves, nearly scared to push myself in case I take a fear or disgust to it. Im now running 5-6 k per week 3-4 times but I've only increased to the 5-6 in the last few weeks. I was doing 3-4K the same number of times up until recently. I was seeing no results physically which is why I started Maeve's workouts and subsequently ended up joining here! The after feeling of a run is something else. I wish I could bottle it and give myself a sip while I have that daily inward battle as to wheather I put the runners on and head out!! I would just llike be to join a running group too for motivation. I have to say, I suffer with my knees too a little and I'm scared of doing damage but I recently got a pair of ASICS which  hoping will improve the situation. Please keep me in the loop, I'd love to be part of this too. Thanks a mil x

  • @Clairecluck1 Take my hat off you for managing to run 3-4 times a week, especially while completing these workouts. I always talk myself out of it by telling myself my muscles are too sore 😂 That's why I need the motivation of a group to keep me going. That's so good you've progressed so much with it :) You're so right, imagine you could bottle that feeling! Would be so good before the run and a little hit when you start running and start thinking "why am I doing this to myself, I'm not a runner". Hope the ASICS work out for you, I've heard they're good for running. x

  • Thanks @Amy Johnston! it's all about maintaining that motivation though to keep going, isn't it?  Thta's the tricky part!  Asics are very comfy, I have to say.  Their nice for walking too

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