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Stronger day by day! | MaeveMadden

Stronger day by day!

  • I have been doing the spring queen challenge since the begininng! When I first began my only goals were to get "skinny." Which looking back I realise is an unhealthy goal to have. As the challenge continued I noticed truly enjoying the workouts and my mindset with my body and working out changing. My goal slowly started to change from o get "skinny" to get "healthy, stronger, and more confident." I just finished the all out hit party Friday and I have never felt more confident and stronger in my life. I was finally able to do the high plank to moving down one arm at a time then moving back up to the high plank and the kickback. I have never been so happy and proud of myself. Thanks to the queens for always being such a supportive group and always so encouraging. Finally, seeing a massive change not only on the outside but also within my mindset. Thank you!  

  • @Katelyn Connolly Yes Katelyn!!! I think this post applies to so many of us, and it is a defining feature (in my opinion!) of Queens Don't Quit that it's not about focussing just on looks and weight loss, and we are benefiting in so many different ways. AHHHHMAZZZING on the high plank!!!- such a difficult move and really can take time to build up to it, definitely one to be so so proud of! And you'll only progress even further from here! Thrilled for you! Well done x

  • Woohoo Katelyn absolutely love this!!! You should be SO proud of yourself. The hardest part of anything I think is changing your mindset and looks like you've mastered it! Well done queen - keep going because it's paying off ☺️👑💕

  • @Katelyn Connolly Woohoo Katelyn that's fantastic! I definitely can relate to every word of this and I'm sure so many other queens too! Maeve and QDQ have shown me that exercising means so much more than just being skinny or looking a certain way! I too managed the plank walks today and managed full side plank crunches too which I've been struggling to even attemot for so long! Felt strong this morning so I just went for it and I was so proud of myself. We're getting so so strong and I honestly never thought I'd be able to do half the amount of exercise I do now and feel so strong, it's definitely some of the best kind of progress even if it doesn't show on the outside! 

    Well done queen, be super proud of yourself xx

  • @Katelyn Connolly oh my gosh queen this is brilliant!!!! I think we all experienced this, I to started to get skinny and now its soooooo much more then that! The scales is thrown out and the happiness i get doing these workouts is amazing!!!!! Felt strong today too, always remember those moments orlf improvement and moving from beginner to intermediate and advances,  its a huge accomplishment!!!!! Well done honey!!!! Xxxx

  • @Katelyn Connolly yes yes yes girl, well done you!👏

  • What a fab message to everyone starting out on their journery - congrats Katelyn!!

  • @Katelyn Connolly a fantastic move in your mindset to getting stronger, healthy and more confident. Well done you. 

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