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Friend for the next challenge | MaeveMadden

Friend for the next challenge

  • @Ruth James oh my god Queen yess!! Seriously we should all pair up or like create a Queen or WhatsApp or something! I've been thinking this myself even during the last challenge I felt I could do better ye know? Here's my "dating profile" haha I'm 28 from Dublin moved to Wicklow with my other half and 2 girlos. I'm also all things beauty so love that for us haha and not to sound like a saddo but I actually miss my friends terribly, we moved   Just a few months before lockdown so haven't seen any of my gals since🙈 anyways I'm totally down so either message me on here or insta @shannons.in.the.garden whichever 🥰💜

  • @Ruth James I'm in the same not as you and all the other queens here! I keep harping onto my friends to join but they don't understand how great these workout/coaches are! They are really missing out! Would love to be apart of this to chat everything form team queen to fashion! 

    bio: 21 years young ;) student from CIT in third year! From cork! My insta is alanna_okeeffe99

    Really looking forward to getting to know ye queens ✨

  • Fab idea!! 
    I can't any of my friends to join - I did get an Apple Watch which does motivate me but it's not the same ...and girlie chat is always needed! 
    I'm a busy gal with work so I never make lives 

    anyone needs a queen buddy im available 😂 

    Irish girl living in Belfast -29 💃🏼
    insta - mcfarline136

  • Hi ladies.. 

    I created an insta group with all the insta @'s ppl had added into this convo if I've missed anyone out add them in..@Ruth James what's yours?? 

    Hope that's ok! Xx

  • @Ruth James Ruth I'm the exact same! I'm defo up for being a pal to you and anyone else in the next challenge! Defo need the support and motivation! We got this girl! 🥰 I'm in Kilkenny so not too far away from you! 🤗

  • Aw I love this Ruth, I am the same and would be lovely to have few workout buddies 😊

  • @Donna S are you on Instagram?? We can add you to the group chat?? X

  • @RachyB Hey Rach - could you add me to the group chat if you don't mind? Mine is @jeaneoneill - Thanks a mill!


  • @RachyB thanks so much, its @donnakins1989

  • Girls, my emails never notified me of all your messages! Let me get back to you all now! 🥰🥰

  • Ok genuinely overwhelmed by all you lovely ladies! 😭😭😭 Would you like me to set up the group chat or how would you like to work it? I will only add the people who put their instagram handles in! I am excited! 

  • Sorry I just saw the instagram, I feel like an old lady over here! 🤣🤣 I'm in! 😝

  • @Ruth James Awww this is a great idea!!! 💗💗 Nothing better then support and motivation from a fellow Team Queen! 

  • Count me in girlies 💗 , my Insta is julzi_boo

  • Girls I just added a few of you , the handles I could see 💗💗 looking forward to virtually chatting to you all xx

  • @RachyB@Ruth James  this is such a nice idea!! Please could you add me too my instas @aliciamackie_ would be nice to chat to other people actually doing the challenge too! X

  • Could you add me too please? My Instagram is @sammi_trev  

  • @Ruth James Wonderful idea!!!  delighted you got a great response to this,  I hope you are feeling all of the love! Could I be added too please: insta is @shazscully 


  • @Ruth James Great idea Ruth count me in as well my insta is @louiseeroche 

  • @Ruth James Ah Ruth im the exact same, all my close friends want nothing to do with working out :( I would also love a friend to talk all things QDQ etc. Would love to get to know you queens much more!!

    FYI I am obsessed with all things animals especially dogs, first year in college doing health and nutrition and i also love running :)

    Oh and I also think I have an unhealthy shopping addiction!!

    I have a food account (a bit embarrising) my name is @alanasloveforfoodfitness

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