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Just having the worst day! | MaeveMadden

Just having the worst day!

  • Completely un fitness related... Although this did derail my healthy eating due to stress eating buttery toast!

    So myself and my husband share one car. We have done for the last ten years or so because we use to both be able to walk to work in the week so what was the point of two cars sat still 5 days a week. My hubby is a car enthusiast and while our current car is not overly flash (it's a 12 plate BMW 5 series) he likes to keep it in good condition. 

    We've now moved house and are still managing with the one car but it's mainly me driving.

    So yesterday, my sister in law is going away for a week and offered to loan us her car which hubby decided would be a good idea, just incase he needs to go to a business meeting next week. He bought it home last night and parked it in the corner of the driveway, at the far end of the entrance (for clarity you could probably fit 3 cars at a push down the length of our drive and then it has a turn in point that you could fit another two cars in, snug).

    We left for work this morning, in our car and I drove home at lunch to let the dog out as usual.

    Only what I usually do when I come home at lunchtime, is reverse straight back up the driveway and leave the car at the top, rather than turning in to the top bit.

    You can guess what happened... I reversed in and *crunch! *... Totally forgot the car was there. Wasn't looking behind because I know the length of my driveway and I just stop when I get passed the narrow part of the drive.

    Nothing is cracked but there's a few scuff marks on both cars and what looks like the indent of our exhaust pipe on her bumper. F*ck.

    Told husband. He is very not happy.

    Drove back to work and went to park... Parking sensors aren't working.

    Double f*ck.

    Told husband..... Am fully in dog box, he is fuming and I feel terrible.

    Horrible day. If anyone has the reset button could you press it so I can try again??

    Just venting really but does anyone else have an other half who gets super angry about stuff like this? (if it was just my car I wouldn't give a toss if I had scuffed it, I would just feel bad for hitting the other car. To me, cars are just tools to get from a to b) 

  • @Chloe Smith oh god I feel your pain🙈 myself and hubby are both very into our cars but we upgraded this summer to a fairly new mommy car, very respectable and I think the first time we've both felt like proper grown ups😉 

    We had it two weeks and I was rear ended. Both my kids and my mum with me, my initial thought was my hubby is going to lose his mind!! The young girl that hit me was in bits, crying and obviously very shook up, but no damage to my car just the bumper pushed out thankfully. Hubby actually fixed it himself and yes he was so mad and yes so was I. But when he went on a rant, I simply told him that I did not survive a global pandemic to be mad feel like c**p over an accident!!!

    I would also be more upset at hitting someone else's car too, but it was an accident, you weren't on your phone or putting on lippie!!!  Sometimes you have to be firm with these men🤭🤭🤭

  • @Chloe Smith oh God Chloe never a dull moment.  It can happen so easily.  Hopefully he has cooled down.  Men are so protective over their cars its not funny.  My hubby has his car spotless and gets tetchy if there is a sweet paper in sight not to talk about a scuff mark.  I think all men are like that. They just love their cars.  Dont worry he will get over it eventually!!!  Might take some time though 😉

  • Thank you ladies! He has cooled down but I think mainly because I have offered to pay to get the sensor fixed....and I've offered that because I can't park the giant boat of a car without them 😄

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