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New Challenge yay! | MaeveMadden

New Challenge yay!

  • Hi girls, I've been away for a while but I am so excited to start this new challenge. Sooo hard picking what to do for the week because everything looks so fun! 

    I like to plan mine into my wall calendar - located near the coffee so I always walk past 😜 - love knowing what I've got to look forward to for the week but also gives me an idea of times I should be prioritising myself too.

    Trying so hard to not put everything on the calendar, going to start with maybe 4 that I know I already love and hopefully get back into the swing of things. What's everyone's favourite workout?

    Just caught up with Kate's first Yoga class for a good pre-challenge stretch, was so chill and exactly what I needed. So ready for this challenge.. Let's go girls!! 👑🔥💪

  • Hi Megan! I'm in the same rejoining member here1

    I'm aiming for x3 a week, two lives (hopefully!) I have a 4 month old so trying to work around her!

    My favourite WAS combat queens but I loved the Jingle Bell Dumbells this morning - love that style of workout! 

    I've actually ordered a fitness and nutrition journal off amazon to log my workouts and progress, it arrives tomorrow - yay!

    So excited for the challenge and good luck girls! You go this Queen!x

  • @Suzie McDonald Jingle Dumbells was excellent this morning, great start to the week and the challenge, still vibing off the exercise buzz 🤣Am I right in thinking you're just back after having a little bubs? Apologies if it's the wrong Suzie from this morning! Good luck with the rest of the challenge either way 😊 You got this! 

  • Yes I'm the same Suzie, Eva!! Wasn't it such a great workout?! So tough but loved it! All the best for the challenge and looking forward to queening alongside you!!

  • @Suzie McAneney aww congrats, that's beautiful news. Mine was combat or sculpt and sweat / perky peach. Didn't realise how much i had changed until I look back at the pictures now like aww.. I did have a perky peach 🍑 🤣


    Good luck with the challenge, you got this!

  • @Megan Hunter you'll have that perky peach 🍑 again! I have actually took before photos this morning 🙈 hopefully I'll have the confidence to share and see some improvement!! Good luck with this challenge! 

  • I'm a newbie excited to start the challenge ! Did the 9.30 tabata workout this morning and loved it full of energy now😃 best of luck everyone !

  • Newbie here as well... Did the tabata work out at lunch time my little man is almost 3months so sneaking the workouts in when I can... It was great I haven't worked out in over a year so it was hard to get back but good... Looking forward to the rest of the challenge


  • That's brilliant, @Avril Kelly ! I have a 4 month old so am in the exact same boat! 

    I really enjoyed Candy Kanes this AM, defo feeling it in the old shoulders. Hoping to increase the weights as we go along, does anyone have any recommendations on where to get weights from?! I always really struggle, currently using two packs of 1kg baby formula 😂

  • @Suzie McAneney congratulations... Well done.. my legs are in bits today 🤣 deals or Mr price have weights. I got weights before in argos and they are big and bulky like the old fashioned Arnie weights 🤣🤣🤣 but defo have a peek in Mr price if there is one where you are 😁

  • Hi. Newbie here! So excited to be an offical Queen 👸 I want to give the Firecracker challenge a go. I know I've to do 3 workouts minimum but is there anything specific I have to do? Do I have to post about each one I Do? I just want to make sure I'm doing it right 🤣 Looking forward to being a part of such a fab community. I've been a @Maeve Madden insta follower for a year now. My insta is @thelittlebaker.ie but my name is Aoife xxx

  • @Aoife O leary welcome! You'll love it! Maeve and co are able to track what classes you do at their end. I sometimes post on Instagram after a class, sometimes don't but there's no need to. The interaction adds to it though I think. Try to catch a live class if you can, you can join the chat. I find the lives more motivating as it means setting an alarm to get up but they don't always suit and the library is handy then. 😊

  • @Eva Dougan thank you!!!! I'm definitely going to join a live 👏🏻 It looks great having the banter when I replayed Maeves one today 😊 Looking forward to it all. 💕

  • Hi @Aoife O leary welcome! My understanding is no, the website tracks everything we do so it'll log when you do each workout!  The only thing I'm not sure is what way it works if you do the Insta Live one on a Saturday as part of your three and how they track that!  At the risk of giving out misinformation I'll let the powers that be at Team Maeve HQ confirm that!! @Maeve Madden Hope you enjoy the challenge as an official Queen, Aoife!

  • @Suzie McAneney thanks so much! I generally workout 5 days a week so I should be ok not to count the Saturday 👏🏻 that's if I survive the first few days 😂  So excited to be a queen and have a new workout schedule. I love the variety of the workouts, I feel like there's so much choice!!!! Xx

  • A-maz-ing Queen! You'll smash it!

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