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Help me please! | MaeveMadden

Help me please!

  • Oh girls the struggle is real these last few days. With work and house commitments going on I'm finding myself absolutely knackered. Which I know is OK, and listen to my body etc.

    But.. I would love it if you could give me some tips for how to stay motivated / push through the tiredness. What do you do?

    I've managed pilates this week (live) which I was made up about. I want to do candy cane, combat and yoga at a minimum this week, lots going on this weekend though so I need help!

  • For me, it helps if I schedule it in and making it a non-negotiable.  Like I absolutely quit working at 6 pm so that I can get my workout in.  (Most days anyway.). Also, if you are tired, just start the video and tell yourself that you can quit if you really aren't feeling it.  Usually it's just getting started that is the hard part!

    Hope this helps!  Don't be too hard on yourself-it's a really crazy time of year!!

  • @Krissy Froelich thank Krissy, I think I'll give the video watching a go. Struggled last night with restless legs so my body wanted to move but my mind was so tired. Deffo give that a go tonight! 

  • @Megan Hunter oooh I hear you! I'm very meh this week....missed monday as like you I was just exhausted, did candy canes tues when the kids went to school and felt good, it was really hard but I was tired too! Woke up yesterday and the pain in my shoulder blade🥺could only take half breaths so obviously missed yesterday and today my house is a mess and unfortunately it has to take priority so maybe a pilates this eve🤷‍♀️ 

    I feel like the dark morning/evenings are killing my motivation. Plus theres so much heat on and a cosy fire, when I do have time I have no want either, i want to snuggle with my kids!!  It's such a hard balancing act isn't it!

    I do feel a difference since i stopped taking my revive active so i need to get back into that, maybe a supplement could help you too? Also i always did am workouts so I'm considering changing to eves to see would that help? I did see on IG @Sinead Corcoran mentioned something about taking vitamin D?

    Your not alone!!!!

  • @Melissa Reilly Thank you so much for this, makes me feel better that I'm not alone. 

    I saw Sinead's post too and thought oh I haven't taken any in a while, so I'm on with that. I tried the Revive and didn't really feel any difference, glad you do though. I know maeve posted some kind of deal recently, might have been a black friday thing though.. 

    The heating being on and it being dark definitely doesn't help! You start working out as well and end up even more melted because of it 😅

    I'm more of an evening girl, it takes too long for me to wake up in the morning, I'd have to be up at 6 to start work at 10 if I wanted to fit in a workout. Not a human until the coffee has kicked in 😜

    Just caught Kate's Journaling and Meditation class which has made me feel great, so think I'll take a bit more time for myself and catch up with Candy Canes. I'm sorry to hear you hurt yourself, hopefully feeling better now? Hope you managed to get Pilates in, it was such a nice class. 

  • @Megan Hunter no I'm afraid i let the negative in and didnt do pilates🙈 but I will definitely get up and do a class in the morning, I need to do it for me at this stage! 

    Them front to lat raises in candy canes killed me, had heat patches stuck to me!! Then later in the day was struggling to park my car which also made me sweat so I think all the heat helped the sore muscle😆😆😆 

    I dont know if journaling is for me, might watch one and see what it's like first🤔🤭 the revive worked wonders for my skin and nails, not sure about my energy, maybe I just thought it did!! I'm going to pick up the vitamin D , I'm living like a vampire at the min....never seem to make it out in daylight these days!!!

  • @Melissa Reilly I tried Krissy's idea last night and looked through the library for classes that I wanted to do. Ended up doing last week's Squatmas which made me feel brilliant, although walking is now a hilarious and painful act 😅 why not give that a go? I found myself getting more and more anxious about how long it had been since I'd done combat that it was becoming a negative thing. 

    I get what you mean with journaling, I'm not sure its for everyone. I wouldn't have tried it this time last year but its really nice when you are all in your head and over thinking to just take a minute and write everything down. 

    Hahaha the image of you struggling to park your car is making my fear so much worse, hope you can use your arms by now 😂

    Oh thats good, I didn't really take notice of my hair or nails as I was concentrating on the energy I thought I'd get from it. Silly me. 

    It's so hard to fit in actual sunlight into the day, think we're all heading down that road 🧛‍♀️ 🦇 

  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels like this!! One tip I have for motivation is to go back and pick a class you really like and just commit to that! For me it's combat queens or the og hiit ones! It always brings a smile and then I feel like doing more!

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