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Sober October: Tips and Tricks to Drink Less Alcohol

October is the perfect month to reflect on alcohol consumption as so many people are partaking in ‘Sober October'. You don't have to have a problematic relationship with alcohol to explore sobriety or sober curiosity, you can simply be trying something new for your health and lifestyle. And whether you decide to be 100% sober or sober-curious, the most important part is doing what is right for you and being supported by loved ones. 

Of course we all know that alcohol isn’t the best thing we could be putting into our bodies, however, everything in moderation is ok, because life is short! But here are some health-focused reasons why you might want to reduce your alcohol intake. 

Drinking less can improve your sleep. You will stay in ‘deep sleep’ for longer as alcohol can cause disruptions to the sleep cycle. Drinking less can lower your blood pressure and also can improve your mood and concentration levels as you don’t have that ‘fuzzy’ feeling that comes from drinking.

Drinking less can also improve workout recovery and improve your energy. It also can reduce dehydration and leave you feeling more refreshed when you wake up, because we all know the dread that comes over us when we wake up with a hangover! Basically, drinking less can improve the total body function, reducing risks of cancer, heart disease and digestive issues. 

If you are trying to be sober or sober-curious, it can be difficult when around loved ones who are drinking or at events and special occasions where the majority of people are drinking. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay on track on your journey. 

  1. Tell your loved ones your plan 

Inform your friends and family of your decision to be sober/ sober-curious. This way, they know and can support you on your journey. They might even join you on reducing consumption.

     2. Find 0.0 alternatives

Find some 0.0alternatives at your local supermarket. This way, you can still drink your favourite alcoholic beverages just without the alcohol. These days there are so many popular brands that sell the 0.0 version of their beverages. 

    3. Set Alcohol Free Days 

If you are sober-curious, why not set some sort of schedule for yourself with ‘alcohol free days’ this will keep you on track of drinking less.

    4. Find new ways to celebrate special occasions

Find some new ways to celebrate that don't involve drinking. This is a great way to reduce your consumption but also a great way to avoid being in a situation where everyone else is drinking and you feel left out. 

    5. Know your triggers 

Whether it's work stress or family stress, know what triggers you when you feel like you need a drink. This can also be in the form of peer pressure when you’re out. It can be difficult to be the only one not drinking and saying no to an offer can be even harder. Reflect on what makes you say yes to the drink and practice saying no. 

    6. Make plans for the next day 

If you feel like you are in a situation where you may be tempted but want to stick to your plans to drink less, making plans for the day after a social event can be a great way to keep you on track. Nobody wants to have a busy day after a night of drinking so knowing how lethargic and sluggish you’ll feel can act as an incentive to stay on track. 

Luckily for us, next week our Queen Maeve will be sitting down with her sober bestie, Steph Elswood to talk about all things sobriety and sober-curiosity during this Sober October. Stay tuned for the time and date! We can’t wait to learn more about Steph's journey and have her answer all of our questions!