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The Kids are Back to School, Time to Focus on YOU!

Monday 8th January was an important date for two reasons; the first is that the kids were officially back to school and the second, and dare we say the more exciting, is that our Fit Don’t Quit Challenge officially began! 

The kids are back to school which means hectic mornings and even busier evenings but it’s so important to take some time for yourself and get some well deserved queen-time. 

Here are some ways you can make sure you get some you time during this busy new year: 

  1. Our new Fit Don’t Quit Challenge 

Our new challenge began on Monday 8th January. This is a 6 week challenge that is available both live and on-demand. This new challenge has an all new progressive structure which means that each week the classes will get harder and longer testing our queen's endurance and stamina. What better way to kick start the new year than a Queens Don’t Quit Challenge with your fellow queens!

2. Cooking delicious meals 

Cooking sometimes isn’t the easiest task with children running around and homework questions flying about. But meal prepping can be a great way to make sure you are hitting your nutrition goals while cutting the time over the stove. Our Queens Don’t Quit app has hundreds of easy to make, easy to meal-prep meals that can be cooked in bulk and stored for a few days. This will give you more free time and lessen the stress of cooking every evening. 

3. Daily fresh air and steps

It can be difficult to get out for some fresh air and steps these days and not only because of the January weather but also because back to work and back to school time is always super hectic. Even 20 mins of steps on your lunch break or after dinner can be so beneficial for our body and mind. If you can put the kids in a buggy or maybe try out the bike they got from Santa, you can make it a family affair at the weekends or in the evenings. 

4. Meditation 

10 deep breaths a few times a day can help you to feel calm and give you the strength to get through this busy time. Or if you’re a meditation girlie, scheduling a few mins before bed or first thing in the morning to practice mindfulness can help boost your mood and improve your sleep. Stress can take such a toll on the body so anything we can do to help lessen that is always worth a try! We have plenty of guided meditations on our QDQ app for you to try. 

5. Be kind and patient with yourself 

The new year can be daunting and triggering for some people. Social media is saturated with new year weight-loss plans and everyone's plans for the year. It’s important to try to block that out and focus on you. Doing your best everyday is all you can do. Don’t let the noise of others affect your peace. Focus on you and your goals no matter how small they are.