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For months, especially during this pandemic, I struggled with sleep, I would go to bed super tired and then PING my brain is having the craic with all my anxious thoughts. 

Figuring out how to fall asleep faster is an elaborate affair. As you toss, turn, fluff pillows, scroll through Instagram, and keep calculating how many hours of sleep you’ll have if you sleep right now, the need to fall asleep faster becomes another stress keeping you awake.

Sound familiar???

This WAS me, but now I am out like a light, & naturally might I add.

How?  Keep reading.


But Maeve I do cleanse and brush my teeth before bed? 

Well, Sleep hygiene is a SET, of practices that facilitate healthy and productive sleep.

  1. ROOM TEMPERATURE: Our body temperature decreases to initiate sleep so a room too hot can cause restlessness. 18-20 degrees should be just right.  If you cant regulate the temperature in your room, then adjust your bedding, & or pyjamas, open windows an hour or so before bedtime.
  2. EXERCISE: During the day, but not too close to bed time, as the endorphins and body temperature increase could keep you awake. Team Queen workouts for the sleep win.
  3. SWITCH OFF: That’s right, the Instagram scrolling is not helping you sleep. I began to switch my phone off about 90mins before bed.  It has completely changed my sleep.  I also charge my phone in the living room.
  4. SLEEP SCHEDULE: We have them for children, so why not for adults. Another tip I have added.  I started using a bed time alarm, and now I am just in the habbit, of sleeping around the same time every evening and waking at the same time.  I aim for at least 8hours sleep.
  5. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS: Eliminate all light sources, too much light can tell your body to wake up. I found turning off the tv an hour before bed also really helpful. If you can’t control the amount of light in your room, think about getting an eye mask .
  6. LIMIT CAFFIENE: I have cut my coffee down to once a day, just a morning coffee and if I must then a decaf in the afternoon, that’s also goes for sodas too.
  7. LIMIT THE PROSEXY: Yes, during covid, I became quite fond of the beverages and alcohol does relax you, but it can diminish the quality of sleep, and keep you from staying
  8. SO LONG SUGAR: That evening treat, isn’t quite the treat for sleep.  Eating sugar late at night overstimulates you. It gives you energy and makes you ready for being active, but at night we are trying to wind down.
  9. Magic of Magnesium: Magnesium is not classified as a sleep aid, but it can help to calm and relax you taking it an hour before bed. It is fab for recovery, restless legs, regulation of glucose and insulin.
  10. ROUTINE: Come up with a nightly routine that will help you ease into bedtime. This can be different for everyone, from yoga, meditation, journaling, reading a book, having a shower, a self care routine could be exactly what you need.

I hope my tips can guide you into sleeping like a queen.

If you are having trouble falling or staying asleep and it lasts more than a month, I highly recommend booking an appointment to see your GP.