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Spicy Circuits & Non Stop HIIT Party | MaeveMadden

Spicy Circuits & Non Stop HIIT Party

  • Such a spicy class today!!! I still don't like Shout Out to My Ex. I laughed when the song started, and Maeve said that she meant to pick a different song. I was drenching of sweat, and once we laid down to stretch, I wasn't ready to move. I am just grateful that I had a longer break between Spicy Circuits which was SUPER SPICY!!! Those single leg walkouts were so hard. So much spice but so fun!! Happy Friday!! Thank you @Maeve Madden for a Super Spicy Friday!!! 🌶🔥👑💖

  • I just did hiit party after work, saving spicy circuits til tomorrow! When I was doing the froggers I thought I was finished, I could have cried when maeve said 3 more songs! How did you do 2 classes. That's serious queening

  • Just about to catch up on Spicy Circuits! I'm going to do the HIIT party over the weekend... I always find it SO tough, I think I'd collapse doing both of them 😂 go you! 👏👑

  • Mega Spicy Day!!  I did the HIIT party live, and then since I was warmed up decided to go straight into Spicy Circuits. WOW! 😅  How hard were the single leg squats?!  Definitely one for me to keep working at. The classes worked so well together but omg, I had to just lay on my mat for awhile before I could even get into the shower.  Absolutely dead!  

  • @Sarah H. Smith Shout out to my ex is such a spicy routine omg I was soaked after the workout  haha!! Well doing for getting through it x

  • @Sarah H. Smith shout put to my ex is the longest song in the world......... I have love / hate relationship with it!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 circuits was so brilliant today, really loved the combo..   I tried zombie sur up with 2 x 5kgs and just about managed 1 round.... woohoo progress xx

  • @Sinead Toal I did Spicy Circuits live this morning and did Non Stop HIIT this afternoon, so good break in beween. Good luck with Spicy Circuits!!

  • @Carmel Mulvany It really is the longest song!! Definintely a love/hate relationship with it!! Way to go with 2 x 5kg weights. I did single arm 5kg and that was enough for me. I will try later with both. My shoulders and back are feeling it from Abs Attack, Tracy's class, and Spicy Circuits, so 1 was enough for me today!! 🤣

  • @Alana Moore It is definitely a song I wouldn't mind being an ex of qdq. 🤣🤣

  • @Sinead Toal I know exactly how you feel. Temperature always gets me!! Those froggers are killer. I miss having the little bit of a break to do the arnold press. 

  • @Sarah H. Smith oh yes the good old days, the Arnold press

  • Spicy circuits done 🥵🔥 loved it! Arms won't be happy tomorrow 😂

  • @Sarah H. Smith omg Queen how spicy was the Hiit Party. I was hysterical over Maeve & little mix 🤣🤣🤣🤣I have to say though that I do like that routine. 😍. I went onto Spicy Circuits after which was amazing. I actually think it was my favourite circuit so far. 😍.  Ooh that new move single leg squat walk out Yessss I loved it. Sarah we're getting stronger and stronger everyday 👑👑 👑 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

  • @Sarah H. Smith I'm with you on that!! I don't like "shout out to my ex" 😂🤣😂 but I just kept pushing through while drenched with sweat!!! I love Friday HIIT, what a way to start the weekend!! 🥳🥳 Happy weekend lovelies!! Xxx

  • @Sinead Toal omg same when Maeve said that!!!! 

  • Oh the Friday HIIT, I think I died and came back to life 😂😂 but a great workout 👑 looking forward to the summer challenge 🔥

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