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Woman down! | MaeveMadden

Woman down!

  • Oh ladies I've only gone and given myself a concussion! Happened Sat week ago but only realised last Wed how bad it was, so am on full rest now and signed off work. Missing the workouts so much but Sinéad's classes are keeping me going thankfully. It's so hard when the head/brakn is hurt and the mind is still keen to have a go "you're just being lazy, you're a hypochondriac, it's not that bad, look at those lumps and bumps on your body" So doing lots of meditation in the few hours I am awake during the day to try still the negativity, and as I'm always saying here- you don't make massive progress in a week or two and you won't lose it that quick either!! 

  • @Sharon Scully oh I hope you are ok. Go easy on yourself you will come back stronger than ever. Take care and rest up, you could still come on for the chats and watch the workouts. Stay safe queen 🥰

  • @Sharon Scully oh u poor thing!!!! That is just awful!!!! You know hun rest is not easy when we are so used to this..... but what the body needs, we have to give it!!! You will be back in  lullaby swing in few days!!! I've come to terms that I can't hit as many classes since new job.... it was hard but with support from you gals, you got me through it!!!!! We r here for you honey xx lots of love 💘

  • @Sharon Scully wishing you well. You'll be back to full strength before you know it. Tell those negative thoughts that you're a queen and doing what's best for you💕

  • Oh no Sharon!!! The girls have said it all already... rest up as much as you can and you'll be back at it in no time! Better to rest and recover than ignore and suffer!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery 💕

  • @Sharon Scully OH Sharon, my goodness I hope you are ok, plenty of rest, dont want to see you on the classes now till you are better, of course pop on for a chat if you want the craic... Brilliant, love sineads classes shes so wonderful and I do think its so important we have those low impact classes on qdq .. oh have you tried the new yoga classs

  • @Sharon Scully OMG Sharon.just seeing this now!! I hope you are starting to feel a bit better? Try not let your mind beat you up about missing the workouts, you'll be back to them in no time once you are feeling yourself again. Best to take the advice of doctors and look after yourself and rest! I missed yesterday and todays classes as I was away visiting family and I honesly feel so guilty I havent exercised. I find it crazy that I love working out so much now that the days I dont do it I actually miss it!😂 I never used to be like that, I dont even recognise myself anymore 😂 What are we like! 

    Take lots of care XX

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