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Missed the Queens! | MaeveMadden

Missed the Queens!

  • I have not done QDQ in about 5 months now as things have been so busy for me with getting my PhD moving in with my boyfriend and trying to sort out life. 

    I feel so out of place in my own skin and all I have to say is, I've MISSED THIS. I just completed Monday (June 7) workout and Maeve I'm IMPRESSED look at your pushups and so many harder moves I was dying. You all have gotten so strong and I can't wait to catch up!!

  • @Nicole Rummel omg Nicole sounds like you've been on a big journey, that's so exciting! Well done you on your PhD! It's mad how life just gets in the way sometimes but look at you you're back at it and you'll be all caught up with us in no time!! 

  • @Niamh Byrne thank you! I do hope I can catch up quickly! This is the longest break I've taken from QDQ and I almost feel like an outsider! Haha (not really but a little) I just remember last year when Maeve did the first Instagram live and then a month later it was like "ok guys let's attempt 5 burpees. We got this!" And now they are in a few songs! Like what!! Haha 

  • @Nicole Rummel oh Nicole I feel the exact same!!! I haven't been away for that long but I'm trying to play catch up since going back to work and it's hard!!! Huge congrats on the PhD and the move.... you were queening on another level!!!! Life can get in the way but that crown is still there and d queens r always supporting, which has helped me hugely!!!! I might not do as many classes as I used too but the ones I do complete makes me feel super!!! Welcome back queen!!! Xxx

  • @Nicole Rummel awww welcome back Nicole! I am not surprised you havent been able to do the workouts you sound like you have been so so busy!  Well done on your PHD and the big move with himself 🎉 exciting times ahead! We are just about nearly finished the summer queen challenege,its been tough going but I loved every workout, really upped the anty this year and the results are starting to show. Its been so much fun along the way too. Glad to have you back Queen 👑 Oh and if you didnt know already Maeve has moved to Dubai so the background will be a little different looking 😂

  • @Ashley Jordan I saw on her Instagram and tbh I was so shocked!! I just kept thinking she was going on holiday. Like HUGE move and so exciting! 

  • @Nicole Rummel You are a Queen that never quits! Well done on all your achievents, you should be so proud of yourself 👑👏👟✨ *welcome back (to week 11 of SC)🥵😅

  • @Nicole Rummel omg Nicole a phd queen, I am so so proud of you that is amazing... dont you worry we will be here for you when you are ready and in the right head space to get back on it... Never put yourself under too much pressure...

    Queens dont quit xx

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