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Struggling | MaeveMadden


  • Hi Queens,

    I am trying to keep my QDQ spirit going, and keep the crown on, but coming about 2+ months off has just shown me how out of shape I am. Knowing where I was 2+ months ago, and knowing I am not there right now has been challenging and somewhat hard and discomforting for me. I am not quitting because Queens Don't Quit, but it feels like an uphill battle climb, and I feel like I am slipping and struggling. 


  • I totally get this, I took about 6 months off last year and when I started again I was so disappointed in all the progress I had lost. However I noticed that as I stayed consistent my strength and progress came faster than the first time around. Took about 4 weeks to get in the groove and then I was moving along smoothly. 

    It's hard to tell ourselves "don't worry it'll happen" and feel like it won't at the same time. But you're doing the right thing by starting again, going through the motions, and reaching out for support. We are here for you!!

  • @Nicole Rummel Thank you so much!! This is what I keep telling myself. I am trying to remind myself that the big thing is that I am showing up, taking part in the challenge, and not quitting. 👑💕

  • As cheesy as it may sound Sarah but slow and steady wins the race 🙌 Take each day as it comes and you will be back to your best in no time, the main thing is your still getting the workouts in and that in it's self is a huge achievement 🤩 Never think you are on you own we all have off days, weeks or even months! The main thing is to keep going, even if it's only 20 minutes of exercise it's better than nothing 😘 I find sometimes I have to switch to beginner moves and that's ok as im still doing something 🤩 We are all in this together! 🙌🙌💪💪

  • @Leanne Dowdall Thank you Queen!!! I greatly appreciate this!!! I think that is what I am having to remind myself is that there is nothing wrong at all to going back to being a beginner, and keep reminding myself that I will get my strength back. 

  • @Sarah H. Smith I think that's the pure beauty of all the workouts on QDQ that there is options and levels for everyone.i each class, so if your really not feeling it you can drop down to simpler moves which I love 🥰 You will most certainly get your strength back just take it easy and it will return, don't be putting yourself under any pressure 💪😘

  • You've got this 😀 pick your favourites and do what you can do, you'll get back there. It's so hard sometimes, I'm in a similar position. Theses challenges are fab for keeping/getting us back on track xx 

  • @Helen Haste Absolutely!! I am doing some of my favourites, and also trying some new ones, just to see and give myself a new challenge. These challenges do help so much, because I have a goal to hit each week. xx

  • Hey @Sarah H. Smith! Thank you for posting this 💕 I'm feeling exactly the same. I had a lot of shit going on for the last 4/5 months and totally neglected myself and it's been really hard seeing all that progress undone. This challenge has been the boost of encouragement needed to make myself a priority and as you said there's nothing wrong with going back to those beginner moves and building it back up 💪🏼 It's nice to hear others are in the same boat! Thanks for a boost of queen spirit 💕 X

  • @Lucy O'Connell thank you for sharing!! We can do this Queen!! The big thing is that we keep showing up and having the QDQ spirit!! 👑💖 Easier said than done sometimes, but we keep going and encouraging each other!! 

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