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A Breakdown of the Queens Don't Quit App

The Queens Don’t Quit App is your one stop shop for all your fitness needs. Whether you like yoga or HIIT, gym based or home based workouts, the Queens Don’t Quit app has it all.

With thousands of women already subscribing and following our live and on demand classes, there’s something for everyone no matter your current fitness level. Just sign up and start Queening!

Let’s dive in and look at the different features of the Queens Don’t Quit app;

Fitness and Workouts

There are thousands of workouts ready and available on the app for you to choose from ranging from Barre and Pilates to Combat and HIIT. Each week there are new live classes to follow or save for later with a range of different highly experienced coaches to motivate, inspire and help you to reach your fitness goals. No matter what fitness level you are or if you are pre/post natal, there’s no shortage of workouts tailored to your needs.

Mindfulness and Yoga

We understand that high intensity isn’t everybody’s favourite exercise and some of us would rather take some time for mindfulness or yoga rather than 40 minutes of burpees. The mindfulness section of the app is perfect if you want to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and just breathe!

Create Personalised Workout Plans

There’s a schedule posted every week for the live workouts. Whether you are a corporate queen or or a busy mum, life can take over and we may not be able to make each of these scheduled classes. So, you can use the ‘Schedule and Planner’ section of the app to create your own personalised workout plan. You can select the time you want to do each workout and you will get a notification beforehand to remind you. This is crucial for when our busy schedules just take over. Queens Don’t Quit, we simply reschedule for later.

Meal Plans and Recipes

Another amazing feature of the Queens Don’t Quit App is the meal plan and recipe section. It can be hard and tedious to come up with new and yummy recipes while trying to be healthy and reach your nutritional goals. This feature contains hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with new ones added each week. You will also receive a shopping list depending on your selected plan with all the ingredients you will need for your week of tasty and healthy meals.

Our Queen Community

The app forum has different sub-chats for all our queens to share recipes, motivation and progress with each other. It’s an amazing community that always sends positive energy and inspiration to those who may need that extra push today. You can ask questions to both the coaches and other queens and share what works for you or maybe what doesn't. Queens Don’t Quit has an amazing community because real queens don’t gate-keep!


You can use the Queens Don’t Quit app in so many different ways and make it personalised for your specific goals. However, the challenges organized in the app are a great way to push yourself and try a new type of exercise. The next challenge will start on the 10th of July. It’s a great way to stay active over the summer and push yourself to achieve your fitness goals!

Sign up today to unlock app access and join an amazing community of queens on your fitness journey with Queens Don’t Quit!