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Fall Back into Fitness: How To Get Back Into Routine After Taking a Break

Summer is over and it’s time to get back into routine. Whether it’s getting the kids back to school or saying goodbye to the lazy summer evenings, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things and find that motivation and discipline you seem to have forgotten. 

Here are some tips to get back on track:

1. Create a Realistic Workout Schedule 

Making a plan to workout 6 days a week at 5:30am might seem like a good idea in the moment when you're setting 10 alarms on your phone, but by day 3 when the alarm sounds, it takes a lot to stick to this kind of routine. It’s best to be realistic! 

2. Morning Routines

Your morning routine can influence and affect the rest of your day. It can be crazy with kids or work but creating a morning routine where you can set yourself up nicely for the rest of the day is a great way to promote a positive mindset. 

3. Hydration Station

As our ultimate Queen Maeve Madden alway says, a hydration station is so important. Getting that water in will make you feel more energised and give you a clearer head and you will feel ready to tackle your busy life, with your Queens Don’t Quit workout incorporated into that schedule. 

4. Fuel Your Body with Healthy Food

Let's fuel our bodies with healthy, nourishing food and make your favorite foods a part of this. A new fitness and diet plan does not mean restricting yourself.  You can create a menu or shopping list beforehand so that your week is organised and you are prepped and ready for your busy week! 

5. Be Kind to Yourself

It can be difficult to get back into routine and create healthy habits. So give yourself a break! There might be days when you don’t feel like it but remember queens don’t quit! Consistency rather than perfection is key and eventually these habits will come so naturally to you and it will be easy. So keep going queen and don’t quit! 

Our new 7 Week “Fall Back into Fitness Challenge” launched this week (Monday Sept 11th). This challenge is our biggest challenge to date! This is the perfect way to get back into routine and begin to create your healthy habits. 

We have 3 separate challenges running concurrently so as to accommodate all of our queens and their specific fitness levels and needs; 

“Let’s Get Shreddy” is for our Intermediate/ Advanced Queens. 

“Find Your Strong” is for our beginner and pre/post natal queens who are looking to get back into fitness or start choosing themselves and creating a healthy routine. 

“Express Queen" is for our busy queens. 30 min short yet effective workouts for those who are stuck for time but still want to get that workout in. 

This challenge is guaranteed to get you back into routine and feeling more energised and stronger than ever. 

Join all of our other amazing queens who want to inspire and motivate each other during this time. Let’s “fall back into fitness” together and finish 2023 stronger than ever!

To access this challenge or upcoming challenges, download the app here.