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Grow Your Glutes With these 4 Fire Exercises

Everybody wants that perfect round peach and here are 4 sure-fire exercises from our Queen Coach Chelsea, that will grow your glutes and make you SWEAT! 

1. Bulgarian Split Squats

These are a killer exercise that will burn both your quads and your glutes. You can use a resistance band or some dumbbells for that extra burn.

2. Romanian Deadlifts

These are a great way to workout your hamstrings and glutes. You can use either a barbell if you're in the gym or a resistance band and some hand weights if you WFH (workout from home). Another plus to this exercise is that you also work and tone your lower back muscles!

3. Glute Bridges 

We recommend you use a resistance band for this exercise to really target all areas of your booty! This exercise is so simple yet so effective in targeting the glutes. You can modify the tempo and range of motion incorporating pulses and holding the position at the top for an extra burn! 

4. Banded Lateral Walks 

Also known as ‘crab walks’ this move will have the sides of your booty popping and peaching! Try to ensure you remain in a squat position while you step side to side to target your quads at the same time for an all around burn! 

When it comes to toning and growing your peach, its the most simple exercises that are the most effective. So try incorporating these into your next bootyworkout whether you are at home or in the gym you will be sure to feel the pump and feel amazing!