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Happy September my Queens:


I love a new month, but I especially love this season and the lead up to Christmas, yes I said Christmas.

A new month, a new season, a fresh start.  I thought I would share some great ways to help you reach your goals, if you have decided to set some this month.

Mindset, habit and routine are the building blocks for success. 

  1. Always have a clear goal in mind and write it down.

We need to have clear and achievable goals in mind.  We don’t want to set unrealistic goals so far fetched that it will discourage us from taking the necessary steps to get there.

A good example is: I want to have a thigh gap by the end of the month (unrealistic) as its genetics. Realistic goal: I want to feel fitter and leaner by the end of the month.

This will actualize our desire to exercise more but not overwhelm or discourage us from achieving it.  Small goals, add up to that big result, its also a big sense of achievement when every week we can tick off that goal and know we have progressed. 

You have probably heard to SMART goals already but do you really apply the rule???

Specific: Your goal must be clear and defined. What exactly do you want to accomplish.  Where will this take place, why you want to achieve your goal and who will be involved.

Measurable: How will you track your progress.  for example, instead of saying im going to start working out every week this month, say On Monday Wednesday Friday, for two weeks  I am going to do a workout, then I will add an extra day in the following two weeks and write those exact dates/ times in your diary as a schedule.

Achievable: Is your END goal Achievable?  Our goals are meant to inspire, motivate, and bring sense of joy and achievement, not dread and discouragement. When I ask how are you going to achieve your goal, I mean, think about what you will need to get there, the tools and skills, for example: you now have a fitness programme to follow.

Realistic: or Relevant I feel this is just a repeat of whats before.  But, sure we have to spell smart.  Is your goal realistic.  Do you truly believe this goal can be accomplished.  Yes you do because queens don’t quit.  Is this Goal relevant to who you are and want to be?

Time: Set a realistic ambitious end date.  How exciting it is my favourite bit. This is why I ask you to write down small goals to get you to that big one, ticking them off week by week is super motivation and so satisfying, it is encouragement for you to know that you can do it.  Don’t let your fear decide your future, pick a date that is realistic to your goal, set a halfway celebration mark, and do celebrate, don’t ask others what their goal time is, this is your body, your health, your goal.

If you need extra support you can always set your goals with a friend or even chat with some other members in the forum.  Help keep each other motivated, as not only will you and your friend both help each other reach your goals but it can also build closer friendships when you experience new fun, wellbeing activities with one another.