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Maeve’s workout ensemble | MaeveMadden

Maeve’s workout ensemble

  • I'm loving the leggings@Maeve Madden is wearing at the moment especially how high they are on the tummy-  and the sleeveless tops- where do I get my hands on them???

  • Hi AnneMarie, there's a part of the website called "Maeve's Faves" and it has all of her workout gear, shoes, clothes etc and links that you can get to them yourself! Here's the link to it: https://maevemadden.co/pages/maeves-faves

    Her stuff is all so fab hope u get sorted Queen xxx

  • @AnneMarie Elliot Hey queen, yeah just like@Carmel Morgan sais you can go onto Maeve's faves and there's links to the websites! Most o think are Nike/gymshark ☺️ I love the gymshark leggings and tops but their sports bras aren't the most supportive if you have bigger boobs. 
    I find treating yourself to new exercise wear definitely helps with the motivation! I'm about to put in a gymshark and Nike order to treat myself and get myself more motivated 🙌🏻👑❤️

  • @Niamh Byrne thanks Niamh- glad you said that- was literally just looking at the sports bras- yes I need extra extra support in that area. 😂 what are the sizes like in the leggings and tops?

  • @AnneMarie Elliot definitely would recommend investing in a good sports bra in that case, I'm the same and I've bought sports bras that end up straight in the loungewear pile because there is just no support 😂😂 I would recommend the Nike ones or shock absorbers! They're expensive but that and trainers are things I don't mind spending money on! There's nothing worse than sore boobs after a workout 😭😂

    So I'm usually a 10-12 in trousers and a 10 on top, I have Medium leggings from them and I have tracksuit and shorts that are medium too and they fit perfectly. They're pretty true to size and if in doubt check the size chart! I actually ordered one pair of shorts and a top at first just to see the sizing, I know you pay delivery but I didn't want to buy loads and it not fit or be comfortable you know? So I like my workout tops a bit looser, I just feel like they're more breathable that way so I get a large in any of their tops and I love the fit of them 🙌🏻 I have quite broad shoulders as well and I just find there's nothing worse than when something is too tight around the shoulders or the armpit, especially when working out I like them nice and loose ☺️
    I hope this helps queen 👑x

  • @AnneMarie Elliot hi lovely I shall update the maeves faves this evening with some leggings.. Mostly nike and gymshark like the girls said.  I do love those highwaisted ones but some of the gymshark ones are not as tight as the others and I hate when you have to keep yanking them up... The ones today I love but not 100%  ill share in a bit xxx

  • @Niamh Byrne glad to hear the shock absorber ones are better...i ordered a gym shark sports bra the other day, and then heard @Maeve Madden say at the end of one of her classes they weren't great! 🙈

    I have a shock absorber coming this week and hoping it will be better!! 🤞

  • @Maeve Madden how did I get by before 😂😂😂

  • @Claire McManus I would definitely hang on to the gymshark one I actually like them for yoga and meditation! And also for just chilling in the house 😂 

  • @Niamh Byrne I would have kept it, but when I tried it, it was massive across the back with not enough coverage in the front 😂😂 it's a no from me! ❌🙈

  • Hi Queens, I always wear New Dimensions Activewear leggings. They are squat proof and wash really well. They're a small Irish brand based in Dublin. They are super high waisted and will not slip down at all (even with your belly moving 😂) They come in some lovely colours too. I think you can use the code ND10OFF for 10% off. They do sports bras and tops too but I haven't tried them yet.

  • @Maryellen Sacco Power Oh I second the New Dimensions brand for leggings! Trying to support Irish the last year as much as I can so was delighted to find these. They are so comfy and love the high waist

  • @Maryellen Sacco Power@Sharon Scully hoe are they size wise?

  • @AnneMarie Elliot I'm a uk size 14, 5ft9 and I wear a size large which are also good length wise. They have good stretch without ever becoming see through. They're very high waisted, I would say about an inch above the belly button. They have a band inside the waist which can be used to tighten them  but I don't need to use that, some people cut it out but I left in as it would be handy if I lose weight. The size guide on the website is very good, they also use instagram and will respond if you ask any questions.

  • @Maryellen Sacco Power

    @AnneMarie Elliot I'm 5 foot, a size 12 and I'm a S though I also fit into an XS. They fit in length for me which is amazing  Agree with Mary Ellen- the size guide is really good!

  • @Maryellen Sacco Power oh I've never heard of New Dimensions I may check them out! Especially if they're a wee Irish brand, good to support local and it'll save the stress of trying to work out if you'll have to pay customs or not!

  • Speaking of Irish activewear brands, has anyone tried peachy lean? ❤️

  • @Maryellen Sacco Power did you go for the compression ones?

  • @AnneMarie Elliot I have the elite 1.0 and the compression ones. The compression have a bit more support and have a pocket. The elite have no pocket, they're both great. The elite were the first ones they came out with and are an older style so I think are cheaper.

  • @Niamh Byrne I I haven't tried them, I know trishas transformation works with them and thinks they're great though 👍🏼

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