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Sunday’s Meditation | MaeveMadden

Sunday’s Meditation

  • Wow thank you so much. I was a psycho wife and mum this morning, I feel much more happier and relaxed 😌 my husband thanks you too 🤣 xx

  • Was so lovely! My hips say thanks!

  • It was amazing and then I did an old wind down yoga session too. feeling very zen this morning!

  • It was nice start to the day -  I was sitting there since 9.50 catching up on forum and emails. I had the chat popped out and was all set and by 10.10 i was like where is the live hahaha didn't realise I had to press play :):) I enjoyed the down time and great start to sunday :) have a great day girls x 

  • I caught up on Friday's Perky peach and then followed it with the Yoga Meditation.  What a great way to start a sunny Sunday. Have a lovely day everyone x

  • @Sorcha FS mine too, my hips are so tight so it was great to stretch them 💓

  • @Vicky Baker haha I was the same 🤣 xx

  • Loved today's meditation. My neck was so sore after sitting at my laptop for ages 🤭twenty minutes later and it was perfect again. So relaxing 🥰

  • I struggled to stop the monkey chatter in my mind for this week's session, BUT my hips had been aching the last few days and this sorted them right out! Feeling so lucky with the range of classes we are being provided with!

  • @Sharon Scully me too 🤯 it's hard work isn't it? I'm going to keep practicing though 🥰.

    Its just awesome, love ALL the workouts we are very lucky 👑

  • @Sam Bowns that's the thing- some days it flows better than others, so I try to just focus on the positive to take away from the yoga! During it I was starting to berate myself a bit cos of it, and was even thinking of stopping it and trying it again at another time! But felt all the better for sticking with it, and my hips are so grateful haha!

  • @Sharon Scully mine too 🤩 my hips are so tight so it felt great. Going to try the meditation before bed as well 😘 x

  • @Sam Bowns it was amazing wasn't it feeling so zen after it x

  • I feel so relaxed after that. I went for a long hike today in the mountains near my house. I feel great now after that meditation. Now it's time for Ireland's Fittest Family on the TV.


  • @Gemma O Connor it was so lovely 🥰

  • @Sinead Bergin ooh sounds lovely, have a relaxing evening xx

  • was a lovely class thank you

  • I just caught up on this mornings yoga, i like doing it at the end of the day to chill me out for sleep and wow i am chill now haha.

    Great way to get rid of the Sunday scaries and restart for the week ahead!! 🧘🏼‍♀️

  • @Danielle McKay I'm the exact same Danielle great to chill out before sleeping 

  • Just finished up and despite having my extremely jealous dog doing his best to ruin my focus, managed to keep going and feel so much more at ease! Thank you! 

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