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FRESH NEW WEEK | MaeveMadden


  • Hey Queens, are we all excited for a new week? I'm just planning my workout week now and it's so hard to choose, so many great classes and I work full time so can't really do two a day :( Toughest decision for me is Tuesday!!! What are you Queens going to choose, I know we all love our Combat Queens but a new trainer is V exciting tooooo!! Smash it this week xxx

  • @Katy Evans im torn too I love combat queens but would love to try something new 🤣

  • @Katy Evans I have online lectures the same time as the new class so I think I'll give it a go Tuesday evening or else I might do it on Thursday because I'm missing Lotties class because of lectures too 😅 I think I really took for granted having all day to tune into the workouts! What are you thinking about the early bird classes? I really want to start getting up super early and I feel like it's a way of kicking my body into actually doing it 😍🙌🏻

  • @Katy Evans loving all the extra classes this week. Working from home makes fitting in the workouts so mtag easier, if I was working in the office I know I would struggle with even 1 a day.

  • @Sarah Lynch Aw Sarah I'm the same with my online lectures! If I was in college between lectures and commuting I'd have absolutely no time for working out! I feel like it's a blessing in disguise 🤞🏻👑

  • @Gemma Marston hmmm tricky choice wish I had the energy for both 😂xx

  • @Niamh Byrne ahh cool what are you studying!? I'd really love to do this but I leave for work at 7:20 it's a jokeee!! 

  • @Sarah Lynch jealousss so good for workouts wfh!! They help break up the day so nicely too don't they? 

  • @Niamh Byrne Oh definitely it's been one of the very few benefits of this lock down being able to work from home and fit working out in every day. I never did a workout class in my life till I joined Queen Dont Quit with @Maeve madden 🤣

  • @Katy Evans Defo breaks it up the day and I find give me great structure in my day, I'm very much a creature that has to have a certain amount of routine or I go mad 😅

  • @Katy Evans I know, now there are more classes it is so hard to choose which ones to do! Week 3 looks like it's going to be a good one! Looking forward to it 

  • @Katy Evans I'm studying Radiography, it's getting pretty heavy now but I'm more than half way through and just want to be finished 😂 Aw when I have placement I have to leave at crazy o'clock in the morning too and it was grand until it was black dark in the mornings and the evenings and I just lost all motivation! 

  • @Sarah Lynch Aw I used to drag my boyfriend to spin classes when we were in 1st year of college but the funniest thing is we used to get a big takeaway afterwards to treat ourselves because we hated it so much lol 😂😭 I just love QDQ like I want to do ALL of the workouts and I have never felt like this about exercise before! It's the wanting to do exercise but that I love instead of dreading it 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • @Katy Evans same Katy- great to have the options though. 😊

  • @Niamh Byrne oh LOL I used to do the same thing!! Me and two friends of mine used go to aqua aerobics twice a week.... and stop off at McDonald's on the way home!! Totally undoing any good we had done 😂😂

  • @Sarah Lynch Aw Sarah that's so funny 😂😂 I think it just shows how much we didn't like it, it was the thought of the takeaway after that got me though every class! 😂

  • Same im very torn but I think I'm gonna do the NEW class and do combat and sweaty 7 arms together one after the other Wednesday instead... I did this last week and the burn was unreal I thought the classes together were perfect.. whichever you choose it's a workout you won't regret  ✔️ ❤️👑

  • @Carol Tompkins spicy!!! Go you Carol. You'll have to let us know how that goes. This week my focus is to give it thst but more in each class 

  • @Katy Evans Hey Katy! Aw I'm so torn as well! At the end of the Christmas challenge i had made it my goal to try and do every workout in December, which was fine short term but just not maintainable long term.


    I am really struggling to decide which ones not to do as they are all so good though!!

    I've just had to take a look at my goals and filter that way- i want to get stronger and tone up so im cutting out some of the HIIT classes (which im not the happiest about as they are so fun 😅) and sticking to the workouts which include weights... And keeping my all time faves combat queens and barre too i just couldn't filter those out! So still keeping most workouts after all that while still working fulltime.. See my struggle here? 😂 

  • @Danielle McKay Jeez Daniel 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Im in it to lose weight and all the additional benefits the classes will give me so it's mostly cardio but gonna try switch it up each week to keep me motivated. Sitting in the dentists waiting room right now 😳😳😳

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