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Week 3...bring it on 💪🏻 | MaeveMadden

Week 3...bring it on 💪🏻

  • So last week I made a plan and wrote down which workouts I'd do each day. I completed 7 out of 8 which I was super proud of. I found writing them down and ticking them off so motivating so I've decided to do the same this week to help keep me on track 👸🏻
    Absolutely loving this challenge and can't wait for week 3. 
    Good luck everyone xx

  • @Aideen Moen Aw I'm a sucker for writing things down and making plans! I've bought myself a whiteboard which is super handy for all the planning I definitely would recommend! 
    Did you see the new calendar feature? I absolutely love it and it's going to make planning so much easier 😍 

    Well done on completing 7 workouts last week queen that's fantastic! 👑 Keep going queen you're smashing it ❤️❤️

  • @Aideen Moen oh my god queen I LOVE your handwriting 😍😍👑

  • @Niamh Byrne oh no I haven't seen it, I must take a look. 
    I just find having a written plan makes it easier to stick to. I LOVE the idea of a white board, I'm definitely going to invest in one 🤩 I'm actually finding it really easy to do the workouts, they're so much fun and I'm starting to see results already so it's pushing me on. I'm off work this week too so won't have to get up at 6am lol I'll be able to join in with all the lives woho xx

  • @Niamh Byrne lol oh thank you ☺️ 

  • @Aideen Moen It's so handy , I have my wee 2021 planner out now so going to sort everything on that too! Writing things down 3 times is the way I'll get things done 😂😂 Aw that's so good queen, I feel like once you get the coordination down you're flying! I definitely struggled the first week after Christmas but like you I'm definitely feeling stronger now and I'm feeling the benefits of a routine again! 
    Aw yay, enjoy your week off queen 👑 

  • @Aideen Moen 7 workouts is unreal you are a machine ! I think the writing them down is a great idea and I think I'm gonna steal that this week and try it ! Thanks for the tip 😀😍

  • @Gemma Marston your more than welcome ☺️ That's the beauty of this forum we can all share tips and ideas and support each other along the way 🤩

  • @Aideen Moen im learning so much im absolutely loving life ! 😁

  • @Aideen Moen Good work completing 7 classes! Love ticking off a to do list! Looks like you've got a good schedule for week 3. Look forward to the next week of the challenge 

  • Aideen girl you are killing it keep up that amazing work delighted for you🙌👑followed your lead last week and wrote out the list for the week all ticked off ✔️the add to calendar feature maeve just put up is amazing I've added all the workouts for the week😍❤️✔️👑

  • @Aideen Moen great idea Aideen, love your handwriting...I'm going to write my plan out for this week too! I completed 5 workouts last week hoping for 6 this week...bring on week 3 💪

  • @Carol Tompkins oh good woman 👸🏻 I love the calendar feature too, so handy! Good luck with week 3...you'll smash it xx

  • @Steph Bellew amazing, 5 workouts it's unreal and I love how your pushing for 6 this week 👸🏻 Absolutely loving this wee community@Maeve Madden  has created...queens supporting queens, that's what it's all about. Best of luck with week 3 xxx

  • @Aideen Moen I'm saying this now but let's see if I can stick to it 😂 Agreed, it such a lovely community👑 Thanks, hope week 3 goes well for you🙂 xo

  • @Aideen Moen love this Aideen, I've never done 2 x workouts in 1 day, so you've inspired me to give it a go! Also, agreed on the beautiful handwriting. I won't be posting mine 🤣

  • @Aideen Moen you absolute machine queen!! 👑 keep going girl!

    I love writing handwritten lists too, got the workouts in my diary 🤓

  • Just tried the calendar and it's so great! It's very slick, also I think it will be so helpful to have a prompt 30 mins before because most of the time I am still running to get my water etc at the very last minute. I still keep a hand written list too though because it's so satisfying to tick things off 😀

  • @Aideen Moen such a  great idea queen! I'm not the most organised so I think mdling a list would be a super good idea for me. It might get me into gear!!!!! I have to do leg workout yet, homeschooling is taking up alot of time throughout day...😬😬😬

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