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  • Random topic sorry!

    I have always found my boobs are the first to vanish as soon as I do a lot of cardio! its so annoying!

    Im a 30DD normally or a 32D if I cant get a 30 back (though the new shockabsorber bra I got in a 32D isnt very tight on me at all, but the 30DD I got feels like a victorian corset on me!!)

    Im going to start protein whenever it arrives, wondering if that might help - Im a reluctant meat eater so my protein intake is quite low


    *posted this in wrong forum by mistake!

  • @Anne Hamilton Black Im not sure but I don't think an increase in protein will help the boob situation but it will definitely help muscle repair and growth though! Boobs are mostly fatty tissue I think so I think they say weight loss always starts there! I'm a 34B and I loose it straight from there so I have no hope 😂😂🥞


  • Oh my goodness can we swap??

    I can't seem too loose anything from my boobs - 34 DD/E - it's the last place I loose weight from!


  • @Pamela King Im not THAT small 😂, but definetly YOYO in size a lot, Hormones affect mine a lot too.
    Some ppl loose from their face first, but I loose from my boobs and then face, and neither have any spare to loose!

  • Lol I know - I mean your ability to loose it from boobs LOL

    I loose from bum! Rarely from boobs or face lol

  • My Doctor put me on a sugar free diet at one stage (PCOS and dental reasons) and totally lost my bum, so it seems to depend on why Im lossing weight! 
    It was not fun being sugarless and bumless!!

  • Anne, 

    I'm the same as you, I'm 32A/B depending on the bra style but it's always my boobs then my face and across my collar bones random 🤷‍♀️ I know! 
    I take clear protein due to milk & whey intolerance but they only come back when I gain weight haha... 

    Hope it helps you x

  • Ive wuite broad shoulders too compared to my back size so I'd prob need to be an J cup to look big! 
    Have youy all tried the Boob or Bust method for measuring your bra size properly?

    My B.O.B. size is actually a 28 E but when I tried a 28 I couldnt breathe and thought I was going to die! One of my shockabsorber bras is a 30 DD and I need my Husband to close it for me as it is so tight!!

    I'll link the website below, so many women wear the wrong size and notice a massive difference in their posture and even backpain when they are bigger busted when they wear the right size.


  • @Anne Hamilton Black never heard of this but will have to have a look! 

    I got measure years ago and I was shocked that I was larger than I thought all because of my back width.. your right though I think I probably do wear the wrong size :( 

    Thanks for the advice! 💕

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