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Running | MaeveMadden


  • Congratulations @Leanne Doyle for completing the challenge aready! Absolutely amazing! 👏🥇

    I really need to get out again, so glad we've set this up. 

    Has anyone listened to one of the guided runs? I'm tempted to try one on my next run. 

  • @Amy Johnston thanks! It was a great idea. I was way more motivated to run when I knew I was tracking it and had a goal. Also ran my first 9k last night since I was probably 16 😂 it felt great. So glad we set this up. You are flying it too Amy, halfway there 👏👏

  • @Leanne Doyle well done!! 🤗👏👏 Ye are absolutely flying it ladies!! My knees are already giving me grief so I better get me some new running shoes so I can try and keep up with ye!!! 🤗

  • @Leonie Mcnulty you poor thing. Mind your knees. A good pair of runners will hopefully help 🤞

  • Sorry everyone! I'm out of action for a wee while, I've hurt my back so I've had to stop completely. It actually went on me on my last run. I was so upset, I was doing so well. Anyway fear not , I will be back before long! Sorry girls! 

  • @Clairecluck1 oh no is it still bad?? 😩 Did u get to a physio or anything! U poor thing 😩

  • Aww Claire, you poor thing. Take it easy and rest up. 

  • @Clairecluck1 Oh no sorry to hear about your back. That must be so frustrating! You were doing so well as well. Hope you're feeling better soon. 

    @Leonie Mcnulty Yeah probably better to take it easy and not push it too much if your knees are hurting. Don't want to cause yourself a serious injury. 

    @Leanne Doyle Congratulations on the 9k! You must feel so proud of your body, can only imagine the runners high you got after that. Aww thank you, I'm so glad we'e done this. 

    This has been fun  :) Once we're all back in it we could always give a longer time period for the next challenge so that we're not putting too much pressure on our bodies. I've definitely been taking a step back from doing Maeve's workouts as much over the past couple of weeks. Think I burnt myself out after the Spring Challenge by overdoing it. It's been nice to get outside for these runs 🏃‍♀️ 

  • Hey queens the challenge ends tomoro so well done on all ye did 👏👏👏 I'd have never run even close to that amount if it wasn't for the challenge! Do ye want to go again? I know someone mentioned doing a longer challenge so I can set that up if ye are keen let me know 🤗

  • Hey ladies, Well done to everyone as@Leonie Mcnulty said. We all did amazing and I definitely wouldn't have run as much either without our little running club. 

    I would love to do another challenge and we could definitely extent the time so we aren't putting as much pressure on our bodies. Thanks so much for organising it Leonie. You're fantastic. 

  • @Leanne Doyle aw no worries! We are all set up and ready to go again just to accept the challenge on the app. Slightly longer distance but it goes til July so around the same time summer challenge finished 🤗

  • @Leonie Mcnulty Thanks for arranging this! Just accepted it now. So thankful for the last challenge as I'm really getting into the running bug now - which I never really had before. I stupidly let my post-run high sign me up for a half marathon in October so I'm going to need all the training I can get!! 😅 😨 Don't know what I was thinking!! 

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