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Sciatica | MaeveMadden


  • Hi queens,

    I think I may have irritated by sciatic nerve whilst running the other night and now I am completely out of the ball game.  SO frustrating.  Has anyone any tips on how to resolve it?  I'm resting as much as possible but honestly, the more I don't move, the stiffer it gets.  THe pain is above my left bum when I walk.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

  • I suffer with Sciatica too and find either a hard foarm roller, or one of the balls made of the same stuff or even a tennis ball can help. Put it right where the pain is and start by leaning against a wall and massaging the area with your own pressure - the ball is between you and the wall.

    If that is bearable you can try it on the floor, it will be much more intense that way so dont jump to that if you havent done it before.

    Some Physios are still working, and they would be your next step if the rest and massage dont help.

    Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Thanks @Anne Hamilton Black , that's really helpful, I will dig a tennis ball out of the shed :-)

  • @Clairecluck1 I know from when I was pregnant, the pigeon move maeve does is brilliant for this! I'd defo try that if you can! Wishing 4 a speedy recovery for you xxx

  • @Carmel Mulvany THanks a mil Carmel, can I ask what is the pigeon move- I'm intrigued!

  • @Clairecluck1 oh no claire!! You poor thing! Physio's are still open it's probably your best bet if it hasn't started to improve with rest! And take some anti inflamatories just incase I'd say x 

  • @Clairecluck1 I think maeve calls it the swan move when doing stretches! You start on all 4s, you the stretch left leg back straight and then put ur right leg close to the ground keeping your right leg bent. Its sort of hard to explain... ill try find a pic cuz I'm not make any sense 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @Carmel Mulvany that's brilliant, thank you so much.  I will try it this evening.  I'm definitely out of the game for a few days now.  Walked over to collect my little fella from school and barely made him home.  I thought it would loosen it up.

    @Leonie Mcnulty ye will have to fly the flag for me on the Nike Running App now, I'm just raging!!  Was doing so well.  Such a beautiful evening to head out for one too.  I'll just have to behave myself.  I actually think it might be that fall I had 10 or 12 days ago coming back to haunt me.  I might do a yoga session in the morning if I feel able

  • @Clairecluck1 oh you poor thing! 😩 Ah don't worry about that you'll get back to it in no time 😄 the stretch carmel suggested is so good too. hope you feel better soon 💫

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