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Week 9 - Done & Dusted | MaeveMadden

Week 9 - Done & Dusted

  • Well Queens another week bites the dust. I cant believe how fast this challenge is going. I hope Week 8 was kind to u. Pls share.

    Week 9 was another good one for me. Thoroughly enjoyed all the classes this week I think 15 in total. I actually repeated 1 or 2 classes also as I really enjoyed first time around.  Calorie counting still going well. Certainly seeing changes each week, they may not be big but theyre there. 

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners this week for the Challenge Give away. Enjoy ur prizes Queens well deserved.

    I hope Week 10 will be kind to u Queens, go out there & smash it. 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • @Audrey Browne you're flying it as always Audrey 👑 Can't believe how fast the weeks are going! 

  • @Audrey Browne Well done Audrey, you are doing amazing as always! Last week was a good week for me too despite missing two days with going visiting family. I caught up on the classes that I missed on Sunday. Also was so delighted to have been picked by Emma on Saturday morning for the nike voucher! Still cant believe it either 😅

    Week 10 is going good so far, 5 workouts done and looking forward to Friday and Saturdays classes 🔥 Feeling a bit tired this week though,mother nature has arrived but I'll soldier on!

    Have a great week ladies X

  • @Audrey Browne Doing amazing Audrey, well done you!!! Brilliant to be seeing the changes, it helps with the encouragement to keep the effort going. Calorie counting can be such a minefield but when you get into the swing of it that helps.

    Did all of Sinéad's classes (some twice!) last week as easing myself back in (I just love her and her classes so much). Going to try Fireball Friday tomorrow, and hopefully by next week can chance doing a bit more cardio - I'm trying to keep the heart-rate steady for now and I know if I launch into a hiit the head will pound! I'm DYING to catch-up on the birthday workout though hahah! 

    Can you believe how quickly the time is flying, nearly at the end of another challenge! Aren't we all just amazing!!!! 

  • @Audrey Browne Look at you go Audrey, absolutely flying Queen 👑 Can't believe how fast the challenges go, it is so true that time flies when you're having fun! Definitely noticing more of a difference in myself this challenege and just feeling fabulous and strongl! Those sexy shoulders and fireball friday classes are paying off 💪💕

  • @Audrey Browne amazing work 15 classes! I didn't do as much classes this week did lots of outside cycles and walks though. Battling with a massive bakers cyst on back of knee and degenerative patella pain at moment so very pi**ed off. I was seeing great changes and moving to advanced on most. Hope it improves or back to orthopedic surgeon. 
    going to try yesterday's class now and see how I go! Sorry for the moan as there are much bigger fish to fry for a lot of people.

    hope you are out enjoying the fab weather and long weekend 

    see you during week Dx 

  • @Niamh Byrne @Ashley Jordan @Sharon Scully @Georgie Dillon @Dee Synnott Heya Queens its so great to see everyone still so active at week 9 even with injuries. It's unbelievable how fast this challenge has gone. But my favourite challenge so far. I love seeing the changes in u all. Smashing it Queens ye r just smashing it. Have a fantastic week 10 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

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