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Progress..ish | MaeveMadden


  • Never taken pictures of myself like this before and I feel a bit silly because I know they are similar but personally I’ve never enjoyed my body until now -  I’m literally so impressed with what it can do and I’m loving feeling strong,  so thank you Maeve and all the fab girls for this challenge! This has definitely been the hardest one yet especially as I really lost motivation after being dumped and didn’t feel I had the energy anymore, but doing the Macarena or YMCA on a Monday night in my bedroom has been such a helping hand! Also I now I have a better peach than ever so his loss! Xx

  • @Ellie Dearling Aw Ellie, onwards and upwards after him queen! Look at you focusing on yourself, you should be very proud of yourself and look at you 😍🔥 you should feel confident queen, you've worked so hard and you look amazing!! 
    It's definitely been a tough challenge and there's been days where I haven't wanted to even roll out my mat let alone do the workouts but the queens are always so supportive!! Keep it up queen 😍💪🏻

  • @Ellie Dearling You said it Ellie, HIS LOSS is right!!! 👏 You look amazing and there is definite changes in those pictures, you look leaner,more toned and stronger! Its hard to keep the motivation up especially going through what you have (I should know, that was me last year) but fair play to you for not quitting! I honestly believe QDQ has got us all through the most difficult year from the workouts, the support from the Queens and the belief that Maeve and the trainers have in us is unbelieveable. I think we have all surprised ourselves of what we are capable of, not just physically but mentally too.

    Keep up the great work girl, you are doing brilliant X

  • Wow amazing Ellie.  Wasn't it just as well he moved on & stopped wasting time as there is someone way more awesome rocking his way to you and the lucky man with a gorgeous lady like you! x

  • You can definitely see a difference! But the biggest difference is your mentality, especially after having such a crap time! It's absolutely his loss! 👏🏻🔥 x

  • @Niamh Byrne thank you Niamh that's so kind of you! I love this community forever lifting me up! Onto the next challenge! Xx 

  • @Ashley Jordan Thank you so much Ashley gonna make me tear up!  I love knowing all the girls are getting through it with me 💛

  • @Lucy Blake thank you Lucy! They are not joking when they talk about excersize and endorphins! Xx 

  • @Sinéad Tiernan thank you so much! 😘

  • @Ellie Dearling Well done girl x sorry to hear about your break up and fair play to you that you pulled yourself up and kept going and look at those results xx

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