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So upset with myself. | MaeveMadden

So upset with myself.

  • I'm upset. Even though I know I shouldn't be. My weight gain was not because of bad things but because of good things! Moving in with my boyfriend, working on my PhD, starting a new business with my boyfriend (he makes/sells candles), writing two papers for publication in my field. But at the same time the weight gain is stressing me out more than any of the other insanely stressful parts of my life. I can't even wear my summer clothes and everyday (Kentucky, USA) is an absolute sauna! I have one pair of jeans that fit and one pair of gym shorts.

    It doesn't look terrible in the picture (left is now), but when every pair of shorts/bottoms I try and pull up barely make it over my thighs, it really gets to me.

    Time to just persevere and hope for the best I guess. Definitely going to do the next challenge and actually complete it!!!

  • Two  weeks of consistently upgrading your habits will make a huge difference.  In 6 weeks time you wont know yourself.   

    By the way - I think you look great but I know what you mean - its a personal feeling that we all have.

  • Yes my first habits I am working on is water and just bring more active throughout the day. I tend to sit in my office a lot. 

  • @Nicole Rummel aww Im sorry to hear you're upset Nicole. You have a lot of things going on in your life by the sounds of things and its sometimes hard to juggle everything from eating healthy to exercise. I agree with Sinead and I think a few weeks of consistent workouts will make a huge difference, you already have a good standard of fitness from when you did QDQ a few months back so it shouldnt take long to get back into the shape you are happy with. I hear you about the jeans and shorts, I threw out pretty much all of last years shorts and jeans because they just dont fit me anymore. Even though I didnt think I had gained weight but was shocked to find the clothes so tight. I try not to dwell on it and just buy the next size up. 

    The next challenge would be a great way of focusing your mind on getting back in to the swing of things again and I think Maeve said it might be only 4 weeks which I think will be managable.


  • @Nicole Rummel hey girl you have achieved so much and you know you can do this too..you've proven that you are consistent and adaptable so you can does this for yourself.

    Small daily habits over time will show results. Steps and sleep super important too. Don't be hard on yourself but I hear ya and i know that feeling so set small goals and do it for you x

  • @Nicole Rummel firstly I think you look amazing.. Such a Queen, also those things are all to be celbrated. You should be so proud?? How many people do a phd omg thats incredible such an achievement..

    Great advice from my queens below.. Consistency is key, and wee small changes do add up to big results.. 


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