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Hip Dips | MaeveMadden

Hip Dips

  • Hi Queens! Maeve mentioned Hip Dips at the end of a workout yesterday and I never realised there was a term for it until then.

    I have very pronounced hip dips and it always bothers me, particularly when I'm wearing fitted dresses or jeans.

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether lower body execise can actually help to improve them? There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions online.

    I've been working hard at QDQ so I know I shouldn't be focusing in on this one area, particularly when its a natural part of my body, but any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thanks 😊

  • @Audrey Aspell Hey Audrey! I have hipdips and I think most people do. To be honest I think genetics has a lot to do with the areas where we put on weight, my weight always falls on my lower tummy and the top of my thighs and no matter what I do I feel like it's always going to be there! I still have issues with it some days but since starting QDQ I've been commited to being on a journey to love and appreciate my body and even though I have bad body image days (like I'm sure we all do!!). Most days I practice acceptance of my body and we all just carry weight in different areas. 

    Hip dips actually have a lot to do with our bone structure and anatomy. They are completely normal and are caused by the shape of our pelvis and what angle the femur lies to the pelvis. I've found strength exercises have reduced the appearance of my hip dips but they're very much still there and still visable because at the end of the day they're part of us, we're all unique and beautiful just as we are. It's so important that we try and accept these things and hip dips are based on a lot of things we can't change or control and I guess we just have to accept them because they are completely normal! 

    I would always recommend the strength classes and Sinead's classes as I've found my legs are looking more toned when I do those but it's all about doing what you love queen x

  • @Niamh Byrne thanks so much for responding Niamh and for sharing all the info too! 😘 I'm definitely over thinking it and need to learn to appreciate my body the way it is. I will deffo check out Sinead's classes, thanks for the reccomendation 😊

  • @Audrey Aspell I actually heard Maeve mention that too and had to google it because I didnt know what they were. I still dont know much about them but from what Niamh has said it sounds like most people have them to some extent and its just in our make up, so I would agree with what Niamh was saying and just continue doing what you enjoy and try not to focus too much on those areas if at all possible. As you get fitter your overall confidence will grow and trust me you wont be bothered by hip dips or anything of the like. I think QDQ has given a lot of us the confidence within ourselves to accept and love our bodies for what they can do and not just what they look like. In saying that its no harm to ask Maeve or one of the other coaches for advice on that particular area and if there are any specific exercises that might target it, if its really getting to you. I am sure they would only be happy to help. 


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