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Measure up! ❤️ | MaeveMadden

Measure up! ❤️

  • @queensdontquit I meant to post this sooner but only getting round to doing it now. So at the start of our 28 day challenge I took full body measurements and on Saturday morning I took them again to find to my delight that I had lost 7 inches overall on my body. Now this might not seem alot but I'm over the moon with this progress, toning up so much. Any loss is a gd loss. TBH I was not getting these results in the GYM. A Very happy Queen here 👑👑👑. #queenteamjourney #queenteamresults #queenteamsupport #queensdontquit 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Woohoo!!! Way to go Audrey 💗

  • @Audrey Browne well done Audrey! You should be very proud of yourself 👸🏻💜

  • @Audrey Browne well done Audrey! Smashing it💪🏼💕

  • Well done!

  • @Audrey Browne absolutley fabulous news audrey, I am so thrilled for you this is so exciting.   I really do feel the same, its so nice to just pop into the class get it done have a laugh and then go on about the day.  at the gym it would take me forever to start and then force myself through heavy weight sessions which I rarley enjoyed.. glad I have found or should I say become a founded team queen workouts 

  • @Maeve Madden queenteam all the way. #queensdontquit 💪 👑

  • @Audrey Browne amazing Audrey you are smashing it 💪 💕

  • @Audrey Browne i took my measurements on September 1st and compared to what I was before quarantine I was amazed. From doing Maeves workouts I've already dropped a clothes size, nearly two which is amazing. I had to change my bras to back in July as my back got so toned I needed a tighter back strap. So I'm really interested to see how tracking the measurements goes to see the inch loss by end of month! So much better and more reflective that the bitch in the bathroom right!? 😂😂😂

  • @Audrey Browne wow well done !

  • @Audrey Browne well done queen! Hope you are feeling better x

  • @Amy Shelly oh woman I can't stand that bitch in the bathroom 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬.  Well done queen there's no nicer feeling. So happy for u Amy. I can see a new wardrobe in ur future 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. Keep up ur hard work ♥️

  • @Carmel Mulvany yes thank u on the mend at last. Back to classes next week 🙏🙏🙏. Can't wait to get back into it again🙌🙌🙌.. Hope it keeping well queen. 

  • @Audrey Browne I am hun! So glad ur feeling bit better, especially for the wkend!! Cant wait to have you back next wk xxx

  • @Carmel Mulvany can't wait. Going to try some, swimming over weekend to see how my breathing fair outs🥵🥵🥵. Hope u enjoyed this morning's workout🥰. 

  • @Audrey Browne just about to do it.....wish me luck xx

  • Love the workouts so much. I'm able to see more strength in myself and muscles and am able to exert more energy when doing the moves. I feel strong and energized and like I'm getting back to my old self. These workouts really turn your day and mood around. I appreciate this workout program so much. Thank you. 

  • @Nikita Griffin worded perfectly queen, thank god we found Maeve!!! Xxx

  • @Carmel Mulvany agreed ♥️.

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