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New and #superexcited! Hello to all! | MaeveMadden

New and #superexcited! Hello to all!

  • Hello #TeamQueen! :) 

    Hope you are all good! 
    My name is Monika from Croatia, and I just wanted to share my EXCITEMENT and GRATITUDE for being a part of this awesome community! (sorry for the cheesy post :P) 
    I am very new but I was talking to my friend @Amy Shelly  who is a Queen for a while :) I was literally sobbing on my mat in my room few days ago while  doing some weird workouts on YT, as I am really desperate in my body. Then I remembered that a while ago, Amy posted a video on IG of herself doing a super fun workout, and I was like 'ok that's it, I need to ask her what that is...', so here I am (THANK YOU AMY!!!!) :D I've done the Abs Arms Cardio on saturday with Maeve (fell in love with her instantaniously), and decided to sign up! 
    I am very very veeeery excited to be part of the Team Queen, and really looking forward to see and feel results! :)))
    Hope to knowing you all more! Have a fabulous week (can't wait to start my program tomorrow!) ! :)

  • @Monika Vladiskovic welcome girl 💕💕

  • @Monika Vladiskovic welcome to team Queen girl!! You will absolutely love it everyone on here is so lovely and the workouts are top class, so much variety!! Good luck without your journey i am sure you will see amazing results like the rest of us!!💃💕

  • @Monika Vladiskovic u r so welcome Queen 👑 , glad to have u in our Palace. U r so going to enjoy urself & the fabulous workouts. All the queen's r fabulous so welcoming & very very supportive. Have a great journey Monika & I hope u get everything u're looking for. 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • @Monika Vladiskovic

     Welcome Monika! This is the best decision ever!!! @Maeve Madden  created this community of strong women who helps each other to keep motivated in our own journey.

    You will enjoy each workout even when you don't feel like... Just do it!

    Keep in mind that queens don't quit! This is our best motivation!!!

    Enjoy queen!!!

  • Thank you so much ladies!! Amy did mentioned you ladies are absolutely amazing and super motivational 😍  Thank you thank you thank you!!!! 
     Hope you are all well 💚  Lots of love from Croatia 
    Off I go for my training! 

  • Hi Queens, I've just became a member of #teamqueen and am so excited to get myself on track and part of such a positive community. From someone who never worked out I genuinely look forward to getting home from work to do the work outs which is something I never thought I would say!! Have ordered Maeves bands and cant wait for them to arrive to take part in Monday workouts😊 Looking forward to getting to know all of you fabulous queens ❤❤👑👑

  • @Monika Vladiskovic @AnnMarie Ryan Welcome to team queen ladies! I have no doubt that you guys will absolutely love it like the rest of us do! I feel like workouts don't feel like work here and it's just like we're all having a really intense dance party 😂 All the queens on here are so helpful, motivational and supportive and there's always someone that will offer a helping hand if you're ever struggling with anything ❤️ enjoy queens, we were all beginners at one point x

  • @Niamh Byrne thanks Niamh! And I love that comparison - intense dance party 😂 totally, so fun! ❤ 

  • @Monika Vladiskovic 💖💖💖💖 so delighted you joined! 
    It's so crazy how something like a simple video, which I will add, I was TERRIFIED to post, caught your attention.

    Thinking about this made me realize that our deepest fears and thoughts that can be so critical of ourselves, when we are brave enough to put things in motion and take action we are inadvertently  inspiring and motivating other people.

    Which.... makes it all worth while!

    lots of love Queens 

    Amy ☺️

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