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Queens Christmas Party? | MaeveMadden

Queens Christmas Party?

  • Hey, just finished today's Non Stop HIIT and Maeve mentioned the dates around Christmas etc, taking a break from Christmas eve. Any chance we could have a Queen Christmas workout that day or the 23rd? Dress up as elves? Plank to 'Last Christmas' or russian twists to 'All I want for Christmas'? 😍 🎅

  • @Niamh McCallan This would be so much fun. Would definitely be keen for that. Can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching! 

  • Woohoo! I love Christmas. That would be so fun and really get us in the festive spirits!! 🎅🏼🤶🏻🎄

  • @Niamh McCallan omg that would be so fun!!! Love the idea 🎅 

  • @Niamh McCallan fab idea. Can u imagine how much more Inches we wld lose with the costumes on. 😲😍🤣. Defo up for that ❤️🥰🥰🥰

  • Oh yes!!! An xmas themed Hiit - Love it!!!👑🎄🎄

  • @Niamh McCallan oh my god I love this!!!!! Be such fun!!!! Imagine the sweat in a costume 😂😂😂😂😂

  • omg I think I will be so emotional finishing the year.... I am already listening to christmas tunes, I hope you dont mind but we will be having christmas song workouts.. Maybe not every workout, but will prob change the ymca at least ... 

  • @Maeve Madden oh yes - stop I put up my xmas tree last night!🙈 Iv had enough of November - sooooo ready for xmas Hiits!! 🤣

  • @Maeve Madden awwwww thats super idea  love xmas songs!!!!!

  • @Maeve Madden Will there be workouts over the xmas or just use the library? :)

  • @Grace Moore Hi Grace we will be taking the standard holiday which is 24,25 and 26th off as the 27th is a Sunday we will be returning to the platform on the 28th.  There are of course over 100 workouts for you to do in the website library if you feel you need to get a sweat on, but after 10 months non stop I will definitly be enjoying my 4 days off.. 

  • @Maeve Madden thanks for the reply maeve x oh it will definitely be a well deserved break. Will do the same myself then get right back on it the 28th 😊

  • @Niamh McCallan This is such a good idea.  Who can resist a good boogie to All I want for Christmas??? 🎅

  • I am all about this!! Maybe a zoom workout, I would love to see us all queening to some xmas tunes!! 

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