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Spicy Circuits! 🌶️🔥👑 | MaeveMadden

Spicy Circuits! 🌶️🔥👑

  • Just finished the Spicy Circuits this evening! Wow LOVING IT!! It's one of my fave workouts now along with sweaty sevens! 🙌❤️

  • It was SO good! It was a good way to finish off a Monday... well almost finish I had to do All Out Legs after 🤣🤣

    Hopefully it stays on the timetables!!! It might take me a week to recover 🥵😂

  • Fair play to you Beth! Starting the week off strong! 💪🏼... Now I'm digging into Greek yoghurt with sliced bananas and granola! 😍

  • @Megan Mc Williams Sounds delicious 😍😍

  • @Beth Haughian Oh my goodness, well done for getting through All Out Legs after the Spicy Circuits, I found it tough enough going the other way around and with a good few hours of a break! What a brilliant start to the week, how lucky are we to have these options to get us fired up! I'm still buzzing after Spicy Circuits, I better sleep soundly tonight after it! 

  • even though I am unable to move after spicy circuits 😂 it was a great way to start the week, very upbeat and good craic! Ready for combat queens tomorrow 💃

  • @Sharon Scully i know but it would be the end of the week before I got it in again so thought it would be better to push through and get them done!!! So glad I did, almost DIED but felt the better for it lol! 

  • I agree! That workout was killer, made me feel like a newbie!

  • @Beth Haughian well done, I would say you slept after that! Great commitments!!!-that is the best part (and sometimes the curse haha) of these workouts- they are just so so good that you don't want to miss out or put them off. Hope the legs aren't too sore today!

  • Spicy circuits to start my Tuesday and my god it is spicy!! Loved it 💯

  • @Sharon Scully oh yeah I can definitely feel it this morning!!! Not as bad as last week though 🤣

  • @Beth Haughian I agree I feel a little stiff but thank god im back walking normally and able to sit on the loo.  Its that first week back thats always the killer but how good do you feel now??

  • @Sharon Scully you and I both, I found the struggle real last night but I was having the best of time.. Some great wee tunes got us through... Combat queens tonight? 

  • @Maeve Madden feeling amazing!! So good to be back at it. Gym was closed, my work was finished but this week I've started my new teaching post and getting my workouts in when I can! My body is no longer in shock... I'm an instructor so I went from doing 8 classes a week to zero for 4 months thanks to lockdowns 🥴 Think I'm finally getting used to cardio again 😂

  • @Maeve Madden In the second round my legs were pure jelly and I was thinking I wasn't going to make it, but then I came back so strong for the third round and was flying it! The tunes were amazing, perfect to push me through. 

    Hells yeah for Combat Queens, cannot wait!! I was saying on the chat I don't like Tuesdays in general but between some morning yoga, an amazing Sweaty 7s (loved the new exercises) and having Combat Queens to look forward to I'm here beaming at my laptop. Struggling to type and make calls, but beaming!!! Thank you so much! 

  • Did this after Sweaty Seven's today. Wow, I loved it. Definitely a keeper @Maeve Madden 💪

  • Just finished spicy circuits, big mistake to wash and style my hair this morning it's absolutely ruined but I'm delighted, it was deffo touch and go in the last round but we made it and now I'm thrilled xx 

  • Just finished Spicy Circuits - definitely a new fave with Sweaty 7s. Thrilled to find out my hot water isn't working though... This afternoon will be interesting 🙈

  • Just completed Spicy Circuits, favourite workout yet!! Completely forgot I had a conference call after lunch though, the big red sweaty head I'm rocking is not ideal 🤣

  • Just did the spicy circuits workout and have to say that I love the combination of hit and weights!! Feeling sweaty and I love it hahaha 🤣 

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