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Milk Alternatives 🥛 | MaeveMadden

Milk Alternatives 🥛

  • Hey queens 👑👑

    Just popping in here as I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on nice milk alternatives?

    I don't tend to drink milk at all because it makes me feel really sick and bloated, it's fine sometimes in small amounts but I tend to try stay away from it 😅 I've been drinking soya milk for years because I guess it's just the easiest to access and the others tend to be more expensive! I just settled with the soya milk but I'd like to try something else 👀 I find the soya milk can have a grainy texture to it sometimes so I'm just looking for a different alternative at the minute. 
    Anyone have any recommendations on any milk alternatives (I've heard oat milk is nice but it seems expensive 😅). As long as it's nice in tea and coffee it doesn't bother me 😂😂

    Also has anyone tried the alpro barista versions for frothing etc? Does it actually make a diffeeence or is it basically the same? ☺️💛

    Thanks queens 👸🏻❤️

  • Hey Niamh, I personally love unsweetened almond milk cause low in calories...13cal per 100ml. Make sure it's the no sugar one though 😘😘😘


  • Can get from Aldi for super cheap 😘

  • @Katie Rynne Thanks so much Katie! I don't think I ever really gave almond milk a solid shot 😅 Will definitely see about giving it a go ❤️

  • @Niamh Byrne if you think it might be a lactose problem Avonmore do a lactose free milk, that tastes the exact same as normal milk! I used to use the alpro unsweetened almond too, but for me it changed the taste of coffee a bit too much

  • @Sharon Scully yeah that's my concern with my tea and coffee 😂😭 I think I've seen that in shops a few times but wasn't sure about what it'd be like! Maybe I'll see about getting it just for my teas and coffees 😂 thanks Sharon x

  • @Niamh Byrne I'm a fan of the unsweetened almond too, takes maybe a couple of days to get used to and then it's grand in the tea! For  coffee coconut milk is nice and it's really nice in over night oats too!

    Also love it for the low cals, find the oat is quiet a bit higher but nicer in porridge and things like that! I can't remember why but I think there was big controversy over the barista brand? I never bought it anyway was too exp 🤣

  • Oooh this is interesting,  must give unsweetened almond milk a go too 

  • @Niamh Byrne Most welcome!

  • @Leonie Mcnulty I've heard that oat milk tastes similar to dairy milk and I feel like that's why I'd want to have it in my teas and coffees 😂 definitely will give the unsweetened almond milk a go! I think I'll probably just have to try a few and then see what suits me best! Thanks Leonie x

  • I love coconut milk in coffee. It's gorgeous. Oat milk is fab too. I've had almond milk in my tea. It takes a few days to get used to the taste and then it's fine.

  • @Niamh Byrne oat milk from aldi is the best in hot drinks 😍

  • @Niamh Byrne hey Niamh! I've been looking for alternatives to normal milk too as it flares my excema!! So far I've found goats milk to be good, and the unsweetened almond! Both are great shouts and you can barely notice any difference after a couple of goes.

    I tried soya but it made my tea taste different and we couldn't be having that 😅 must give oat milk a go and see how that fares for me, struggling to find goats milk here up north since brexit happened!!x

  • @Niamh Byrne hey Niamh, I've switched to oat milk after having an intolerance test done and honestly don't miss the dairy milk anymore. I use Oatly barista oat milk (grey carton) and it is by far the best for coffee and tea. Tea does taste a little different but not in a bad way. For porridge I will use alpro oat milk (no sugar) and this is great too 😊 

  • @Danielle McKay I've never actually tried goats milk, maybe I'll give that a go and see how it reacts with me! I got oat milk and almond milk the other day and I think I do prefer the oat in tea and coffee because it tastes close to normal milk! I think the almond is super nice with my porridge but not the biggest fan in tea! 😂 I think it's all trial and error and maybe I'll get used to the almond milk in tea after a while 

  • @AnnMarie Ryan Hey AnnMarie! That's so much for your help! I got some of the Alpro Oat milk unsweetened the other day because my local SuperValu had a great offer on them! I absolutely love it in tea, like you said can barely taste the difference and I feel like the texture is the same, I might be weird but I always found soya milk a wee bit grainy?

  • Hey @Niamh Byrne! I am a big fan of the non-dairy milks and have tried and tested them all

    The Oatly barista is definitely the best for tea for sure 😀

    My favourite for porridge is actually the Alpro Coconut Almond milk which is such a nice version!

    But if you're looking for a treat too you should check out the Dark Chocolate Almond milk from Alpro. So if you half fill a cup with your coffee and hot water then top the rest with the chocolate milk and pop it into the microwave for 1/2mins it turns out like a mocha and is deeelicious 😘

  • @Niamh Byrne Hey Niamh, there's so many options available now it can definitely be a minefield!  If you are in Ireland, Flahavans have some lovely oat milks.  The texture of oat milk is definitely my favourite (very smooth, not grainy at all) and you can get barista versions as well if you like a frothy coffee! Oatly and Bunalan are great too.

  • @Kate Healy Oh that coffee trick sounds DELICIOUS 🤤 Definitely think I'll have to see about giving it a go, I love a good mocha but can never seem to replicate it at home 🤞🏻 Thank you so much for getting back to me x

  • @Niamh Burke aw there is so much to chose from and I'm always wondering what they're all like 😂 yeah I've tried the oat milk really recently and the texture is by far my favourite of those that I've tried! I've been trying the almond milk in my porridge and I love it but would prefer the oat in tea and coffee 🙌🏻 I had no idea that Flavhans did oat milks, I will definitely have a look 🙌🏻 Thanks Niamh ❤️

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