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Monday’s insta live Circuits | MaeveMadden

Monday’s insta live Circuits

  • @Ruth James oh hopefully it wint matter, seeing as we only had it confirmed this week we needed to do that! 

    I moved back in with my parents cos of covid (at 38, eeek) and I work from home, so I know I'm lucky I dont have much extra responsibility and I need the workouts to keep the head above water!!! I'm also slightly addicted!!! 

  • Girls I made a big mistake today, I did today's leg day and straight after I did super spicy circuit.....what was I thinking ladies...... it was tough AF but I enjoyed it soooooo much!!!! Am I a bad person 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I did the insta live Spicyyyyyyy Circuits too. It was a sweaty one. I'm feeling great, strong and so good about myself. I don't notice many physical changes. I'm loving the workouts and the vibe and community here. 

  • Hey ladies, I did All Out Legs this morning, then a walk this afternoon and then Spicy Circuits on IG live...my legs are still burning lol but loved both classes x

  • Queens our legs are gonna be sore 2mro but it was worth d pain, I feel so much stronger.... love to you all, let's smash Tuesday ladies!!! Xx

  • Circuits was extremely spicy tonight but loving the 2 workouts a day, pushing it to the max at the moment to make the most of this shitty situation we are in 

  • @Abbie Easterling you said it queen, whatever will lift us can only help us!!!! Xx 

  • I loved the circuits class today on IGtv!! One of my new favourite classes. Killer alongside this mornings lean legs! 🔥🔥🔥 I hope I can walk tomorrow 😵

  • I am going to catch up on this one today - if it is anything like last week I will probably die but it's great craic and I felt great after it 🙈

  • Hey gals, did All out legs last night and boy can I feel it this morning 🙈🙈😄 Fair play to some of you who did spicy circuits straight after!! Going into my second week of these workouts and can feel a difference already with energy levels! Roll on another week 💪 💕 x 

  • I did lean legs followed by the insta circuits last night also...dead😂. Such a good burn. Well done fellow queens 🤗

  • I did one live on IG last week but i was worried it didnt count. I was going to do circuits now so when im done i will mention it on here. I never get to do lives with work and kids and then sometimes i have to forward the chat (sorry Maeve 🙈). Thanks ladies.

  • @Rebecca Evans Thanks for starting this post - great idea! I did the workout live last night too! Really enjoyed the class! This is my first challenge and I'm loving it so far! 😀

  • Hey everyone. Sorry for the late reply. Just caught up on all the messages! 
    You ladies have been working hard!! You should all be really proud. I'm so glad this post has come in so useful! 
    Anyone joining for Perky peach tomorrow? 
    I think I'm going to try and manage Pilates early morning before perky peach too! 😅🔥

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