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Super rep go? | MaeveMadden

Super rep go?

  • Hi queens!

    I'm sure most of you know but Nike are currently doing a 20% off everything sale! I ordered a pair of super rep go's, they are a bit flatter than the super rep zooms. Has anyone tried them? Hoping they are good🤞🏻❤️ 

  • @Meadhbh Anderson I got them afew weeks ago on the last sale and I find them really good for the work outs 😀 really notice a difference between my old trainers and them! Ive never tried the zooms though! 

  • Hi Maeadhbh! I prefer my zoom Super Reps for the workouts but I love the Go too!! They are definitely far better than some of the other trainers I have and they're a good alternative to the zoom super reps. Nice and light and the support is great in them! 

  • Hey Meadhbh! i got super rep gos 2 weeks ago on sale and I have to say I LOVE them! I have the zoom super reps which i use for my workouts but i wanted another pair of runners for walking that had loads of support in them and then i can workout in them as well if I wanted! I have only used them for walking so far and have to say Im a massive fan! Hope you like yours 💚👑

  • I must check this out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks ladies! They are hopefully arriving tomorrow can't wait xx

  • They arrived! So pleased x 

  • @Meadhbh Anderson oh wow! I love the colours ... I got boring Black just so I could wear them in work too if it ever decides to open again! But really want some that are pretty colours now!!!!

  • @Sinéad O'Callaghan I have always felt the same, never out of black trainers! But the coloured ones are so lovely, treat yourself 😜 xx 

  • Hi @Meadhbh Anderson ! Any feedback on the Superrep go? :) How do you find them for high intensity classes? Love the colours!

  •  @MARIA GATTARI hey queen! I love them, they are very light on your feet and very supportive, I've noticed such a difference in my workouts since using them xx 

  • @Meadhbh Anderson Oh brilliant, thanks for this! Might give them a try myself :)

  • Did anyone need to go up a size? I have the super reps and needed to go up half a size 😊

  • @Cathy Ruddy I usually go up half a size in trainers anyway so I got a 6 in them and they are perfect with or without thick socks x

  • @Meadhbh Anderson now that I see yours I think I need these now! 🙈

  • I ordered half size up but unfortunately they are still tight across my toes. So my bank balance will thank me as they are going back! 

  • @Jean O’Neill go for it Jean! They are so amazing, the yellow in them is so cute ❤️ @Sinead Toal Ahh no way!! I find they are quite narrow maybe the zooms would be better? X

  • @Meadhbh Anderson perfect 👌 thanks 😊 x

  • Happy Friday to me! Love these nice edition to my Super reps. 👑

  • @Dee Synnott those are absolutely gorgeous! I feel like I need to add to my collection on payday 😍

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