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Super reps 2 😍 | MaeveMadden

Super reps 2 😍

  • Hey queens,

    I just wanted to show ye the new super reps in the newest colour 😍 I have two other pairs and this is 100% the nicest pair 😍 

  • @Tara Jayne Wade I got them too!! They arrived on Monday, super quick delivery. Like I was saying I didn't go a size up, and they were tight to put on at first, but I wore them for the day and then did two workouts in a row wearing them, none of the tightness or pins and needles I had with the original pair, and my goodness they are just more comfortable too, they cushioning is fabulous! 

    Love the matching leggings!! Well done on the class today, it was brilliant and just what I needed! We are ready to take on the world now haha

  • 😍😍😍 I ordered these yesterday! They should be here on Friday 🙊

  • @Tara Jayne Wade Oh my the new colour looks amazing! I got the black ones before these ones were released and I was a little bit raging when this colour came out because I LOVE it! Definitely can't buy anymore trainers for a while lol my whole bedroom is just filled with nike trainers 😂 Absolouetly fabulous! x

  • @Tara Jayne Wade Oh this new colour is lovely😍

  • @Tara Jayne Wade Fab Tara - love the colours and the matching leggings x

  • @Tara Jayne Wade oh my god they're gorgeous? Do u prefer them to the other ones?


  • @Carmel Mulvany 100% prefer these ones they are just stunning and so comfortable !!!

  • @Tara Jayne Wade ok they are on d list girlfriend!!!!! Xx

  • @Tara Jayne Wade Oh they are so lovely!! I couldn't sleep the other night and there was only a few hours left of the Nike members sale and I said sure why not and bought myself New Super Rep 2s! i got the light green ones as white shoes just scare me...there would be absolutely no way I could ever keep them white!!! excited for them to arrive on Friday now!!

  • oh my goodness they are sooooo gorgeous love them

  • @Tara Jayne Wade I gave in too and bought these! Can't wait for them to arrive 🧡🧡🧡

  • @Tara Jayne Wade Omg that colour is stunning. I wish I had waited until the new colours came. 
    Is anyone having issues with getting pins and needles in there foot while wearing them? I've had them about 3 weeks now and the first week and a half they were perfect but since last Friday I've been getting really bad pins and needles every time I wear them but only in my right foot. I'm not sure am I not tying the laces too tight maybe or if it's an issue others are having too. 

  • I got these too - ordered in my normal size but the pins & needles in my feet from just wearing them sitting around was too much so sent them back.

    As luck would have it ordered half size up at 20% off! Win/Win!

  • @Pamela King have you got the new size?? I went half a size up and I have plenty room in them but I'm still getting pins and needles 😩. So annoying cos I really love them and they were brilliant the first week I was using them. 

  • @Cora Savage Try pull the tongue up as far as it will go & make sure no part of it is curled under, and tie the laces slightly looser than you normally would (maybe try a few variations of looseness)

  • Oh no @Cora Savage! Mine haven't arrived yet - I though sizing up would mean no pins & needles?!

  • @Tara Jayne Wade I am "super" jealous lol I'm hialrious I know 😂😂😂but honestly, they're so fab! Might need to order a pair next month 😬😬 how do the feel compared to the original superreps? X

  • @Tara Jayne Wade also.. love the colour of your leggings!

  • @Tara Jayne Wade also.. love the colour of your leggings!

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