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QDQ Festival! 💜 | MaeveMadden

QDQ Festival! 💜

  • Aaah what a great announcement tonight!!! What an amazing lineup, I am so excited. Sooo many fab workouts to get involved in. I also Love Alex Light and Gut Stuff so excited to hear from them in conversation! What are you most excited for!?!? Just got my ticket 💛

    Only problem is, it's my fiancé's 40th on 6th March and we have a virtual rum tasting that evening so I might have to join some of the later sessions as the morning might be a bit worse for wear 😳 great that I can catch up later in the week on the ones I miss though, great to hear they'll be saved!!  or I could cancel his birthday party hehe 😜 

  • @Shaunagh Smith im super excited queen,  sounds so amazing xxxx

  • @Shaunagh Smith was not expecting that thought it was the bands 🤣🤣 how cool! The ticket is bought can't wait for it! And what a great way to spend a Sunday the weekends are dragging lately so looking forward to this!! 😬 😁 Hehe oh well we might not see u at 8am but never mind you have access to it forever 😋

  • @Leonie Mcnulty me too on the bands!!!  Can't wait for this! Actually find that Sunday's drag a bit now with lockdown so it's something to look forward to! Xx 

  • @Leonie Mcnulty me neither!! I thought maybe workout mats as an addition to the bands. What a fab surprise 🥳💜

  • Festival ticket

  • Woohoo so excited 💕🎉👑

  • @Alex Shannon wahoo see you there queen 👸🏼 

  • OMG! So excited!! The time difference is such a bummer but will definitely join in for the early sessions Woop woop!

  • @Shaunagh Smith So excited for this. Such an incredible line up! I attended an event hosted by the Gut Stuff not long before lockdown and it was fab, really educational. Looking forward to hearing from Alex Light and the dance class with Steph. Also think the hair session will be interesting as it will be good to hear about how to look after our hair when we sweat so much with these sessions! Too much to choose from!

    Virtual rum tasting sounds like it will be great fun! Don't blame you for needing a lie in the next day! 

  • Virtual Run sounds like so much fun, I love love love rum, it does bring me out in an itchy rash lol but thats the next day when im dying so always worth it lol

  • Yas soooo excited and thrilled you all are too... Alex is amazing, delighted that you know her, shes so fab.  I have, over the last few years, worked with the gut health twins, at events and things and they are so wonderful and super educational.. Lucy Wolfe is incred, everyone is... Omg Nicholas is unreal, he is the Beckham hair stylist, mainly Victoria but also cuts and styles my hair and is magic 

  • This was such a nice surprise! All signed up and so looking forward to it 😊  Great line up with so many different topics covered.  Love that it is only a couple of weeks away too. So nice to have something to look forward to 🙌

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