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Avoiding Underwear Lines 🤔 | MaeveMadden

Avoiding Underwear Lines 🤔

  • @Niamh Byrne no it dosent !! 😂🤣😂 and it saves on washing!! I dare you to try it!!

  • I have these from Dunnes and they're ideal - https://www.dunnesstores.com/p/seamfree-thong/449158BLAC?colour=Black They don't budge during the workout like some other varities which I could spend the entire class 'adjusting'!

  • @Sorcha FS Just had a look at them,thanks Sorcha! Going to be in Castlebar on Thursday so going to pop into Dunnes for a look and if not there I'll order them online. They are exactly what I am looking for. Since I got my leggings from Gymshark I am in desperate need of some nude thongs, they are way too see through for my liking 😅

  • @Ashley Jordan Hey Ashley I actually got some od the seamfree thong too and they are FANTASTIC, and so so comfortable. I wouldn't usually be one to wear thongs but honestly you wouldn't even know they're there. I also got some of the dunnes 'Miracle Brief' I think they're called and they basically show no VPL at all which is ideal! Dunnes are actually very good for their underwear! 

  • @Niamh Byrne oh that's good to hear,thanks for the feedback Niamh. It's so difficult to get underwear at the best of times,let alone during a pandemic when everything is online. Next on the list is a good bra that I need. Not that I have big boobs but all my current ones are gone so tatty and out of shape. Hate bra shopping! 

  • @Paula McMahon I found that too with the Gymshark leggings. They look fab on, but as soon as I started doing squats or floor work they roll down and are a right pain. I'm thinking of trying a size up 🤔 

  • @Helen Madden /@Paula McMahon se on the gym shark front. I actually returned an entire order because I couldn't cope with how see through they were. To be fair I didn't order the exact ones Maeve wears so maybe I should try again. 

  • @Sorcha FS ya, they are a lot more see through than I expected them to be and I got the ones Maeve recommended,the Vital Seamless range. It's a pity but I do like the colours of them so thats why I decided to keep them. I also bought a load of the seamless thongs you mentioned previously,from Dunnes and they are great with it so thanks so much for the recommendations 💕

  • @Sorcha FS You're naked in them 😆 I've started back today, I had a chat with myself and its back to basic's.  Hope you're pounding away in the gym over in DC xx 

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