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the Dubai Glitch | MaeveMadden

the Dubai Glitch

  • Good morning Queens,


    For those whom joined in on Fireball Friday I send my sincerest appologies for the damn glitches with the internet.

    We had tested the lives yesterday and today, the internet speed is great with no issue but when I went live today it boped up and down.

    Not to worry we will have this tech issue sorted asap, himself, called the provider & apartment management (we are on a short let for a month) during the class and we may need to upgrade it which of course we will do.  

    Anyway I shall keep you updated and I am running this 9:30am class via my mobile data which we have tested and it seems grand..

    Thanks so much foryour support nd continuting to do the class, I really appreciate it .


    &if we cant figure it out,

    Ill fly home lol, 10 days in the holiday inn for quarantine ha 

    lots of love

    Queens dont quit.




  • @Maeve Madden Aww Maeve we powered through this mornings class despite the glitches because Queens Don't Quit! Still felt the burn and all the spice and it was fabulous!

    Thank you for persevering with the internet for us and fingers crossed you manage to get it sorted for the month you're in the apartment 🤞

    Looking forward to the class at 9:30 wooo! ❤️

  • Oh no I hope it didnt cost an absolute fortune if you had to do it through your phone! isnt that mad that it worked well on your phone and not on the high speed broadband. Especially concidering Friday isnt a working day there so there shouldnt be as much of a demand on the network

  • @Maeve Madden don't worry about it Maeve! We powered through and definitely felt the burn and loved every second! 
    Thanks so much for staying with fireball even through the glitches 🙌🏻 Queens don't quit 👑💛

  • I caught up on last week's FF after the HIIT class!! Loved that you still had the chats on the pre-recorded workout 😃

  • @Maeve Madden Just finished Fireball Friday there, it was some burn! - tbh in one way it was one of the better classes for it to happen to you on as sure once we knew what the exercises and the rep count was we could do the rounds ourselves no bother! I would recommend anyone considering doing it to definitely do it as was absolute fire of a class, just keep going yourselves when there is a glitch.

    Hope you get the internet sorted, and don't beat yourself up about it at all- these things happen and we do not quit! Have a great weekend all!!!

  • @Maeve Madden I caught up with Fireball Friday this evening! Yes it was glitchy but was still able to get the full workout from it... easy to pick up the exercises and rep count from it so could definitely power through! 

    And what a workout it was 🔥🔥🔥 Glute cramps and everything lol!! 

    Hopefully you got things sorted. Please don't be stressing about it...  It would take more than a few technical issues to make these Queens quit 👑💕

  • I caught up on it last night was a big girl and counted the reps myself 😂 was a tough one loved it! Can't wait for the strength challenge! 💪🏼 💪🏼

  • @Maeve Madden It was a great class and defo feeling it still today :) think we all managed some extra reps in each set :)

  • Hi, not sure if this is the best place to leave this feedback but I just caught up on Combat Queens from yesterday and it was glitching a lot all the way through. Maeve said at the end of the session that it wasn't her connection, but whatever way it has uploaded to the library there is constant glitches. 

  • @Audrey Aspell yes I had the same experience Audrey - @Maeve Madden  it wasn't as bad as the Fireball Friday but it did happen a good few times

  • @Audrey Aspell I didnt do it but one of the Queens I was talking to said the same thing happened for her when she was doing it live too. 

  • @Audrey Aspell@Sharon Scully  I was looking through the forum there to see if anyone had mentioned the glitches ans found your messages. I experienced the same thing when I caught up with combat queens yesterday evening (I swapped between WiFi and 4G but still had issues) and with the fire ball Friday this morning on live - I swapped between vimeo app and the QDQ website this morning but still had glitches and jumps. 
    I might try the spicy circuits on Instagram to see if it's any better, might be the way it's uploaded onto the website? 

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