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The struggle is real | MaeveMadden

The struggle is real

  • Hi Girls, been a while since I posted on here! 

    Just here for a bit of a get things off of my chest and release then move on, so apologies but I need it.

    Took part in the previous challenege, bloody loved it - first one I have finished! Super proud of myself, life got crazy after finishing with social stuff etc so I gave myself a break. Strength challenge came around and I was SO up for it. First week done, made up! Second week.. we got a puppy and my world has gone to shit (literally 😬 🤣 ). Between being exhausted from not a lot of sleep in the night to the heat and running around after him all day but also still working from home I managed 1 work out last week and I could feel it becoming a negative thing. 

    So I decided to give myself a break, puppy and work is coming first for the minute and I'll be back for the autumn challenge because Queens Don't Quit, but we are allowed breaks! 

    I'd been noticing some niggles and aches due to lack of sleep and movement so I've just done a yoga class from a few weeks ago and I'm feeling better.

    Thank you again if you made it this far and I love all of you queens and appreciate your support. 

    I've a puppy chewing on my gorgeous blue mat so I'm off, pray for my sanity! 😅 🙏 🐶 

  • dont be too hard on yourself Maeve.  A puppy is alot of work and unlike a baby cant wear a nappy so its very exhausting toilet training.  Id say do even one class a week just to let out all the stress and give it your all.  It will give you some energy.  Things will settle with the new puppy and he will be your forever friend 😀

  • I meant Megan😆

  • @Carmel Byrnes thanks carmel. He's so good but he's teething so chewing everything which is a nightmare 😂

  • @Megan Hunter oh Megan!!!! My puppy, a 3year old golden lab, was in our kids pool a few days ago attempting to chew on my QDQ resistance band. I actually think there was some vomit in my mouth chasing after him!

    In fairness to Maeve, the band held up, I was well impressed!!

    Dogs are hard work, but perserve😉 I lose my s$#t with the dog as much as the other three males in my house....but when I need a minute on the step of the door, he never holds a grudge and has a cuddle for me!

    I also agree on the one class a week, the one you love the most, even if you just do the beginner moves to save your back. Have the chats, dont zone out, its lonely out there😉😉

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