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Barre obsessed | MaeveMadden

Barre obsessed

  • @Sinead Corcoran What have you done to us!!!! I just caught up on this wks barre class and woow was it spicy!!!! I literally couldnt believe when you said you are nearly a year teaching it on QDQ!!! I remember the first class like it was yesterday and still love it more and more each week!!!!

    I just wanted to hop on and say that the difference in flexibility and core and leg strenght is huge since starting your classes along with the others here.  I hate to miss a class - i think 2 in total i didnt make and im still annoyed about that...........😀.

    Thanks so much for showing us a new aspect or training and toning and for being such a support and so helpful!!!! Heres to another year of barre  . . . . . . 

    p.s that new move lying back on our legs . . . . . . ill feel that tomorrow 🤣🔥🔥

    P.P.S hate not getting to chat to you all as much as before, life is so crazy at the minute!!! Sending lots of love to you all!!! xxx

  • @Carmel Mulvany I've a confession....I've only done half of one class🙈 in my defense, it was the 3rd day or something my first week on queens and I just thought I'd collapse🥴 

    However I'm 10 weeks in now and stronger than I've ever been so I think I'm going to try it this week!!

    @Sinead Corcoran I'm just wondering is there any classes in particular that's good for someone with a bad back?


  • @Melissa Reilly oh queen you r gonna love it!!!! Its a powerful class and the improvement you will see wk by wk is incredible!!!!!! Alot of the moves can be modified too!!!! I cant wait till u try it xxx

  • @Carmel Mulvany one of my OG barre queens!! What a journey we've been on!! i love your weekly updates too! 😍😍

    @Melissa Reilly I think last weeks class was a nice place to start or we did a floor barre on August 18th which is a little more gentle or just join us tomorrow night if you can! Send me some feedback after you try the class and if there's anything in particular I can help you modify it! ☺️😘

  • @Carmel Mulvany ooooh Carmel you were right, wow this was amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • @Sinead Corcoran oh wow! I just did the class from aug 18th.....why was I not including your class before now🤦‍♀️

    I felt like a swan, as opposed to my usual uncoordinated mess with some of the other classes!!  Recently my back has not been up to the vigorous moves of some of the other classes but I was doing them as 7am lives where when I knew I would definitely be up and do it, evenings I could be anywhere with busy kids! But I'm going to do your class on alternate mornings on catch up, it felt amazing! I did notice my hip popping but it does that with other classes too🙈


    Also, just a note, on my first appointment with a neurosurgeon his biggest recommendation for my bad back was pilates and yoga! Its definitely not given enough credit!

  • Just caught up on this week's barre and @Sinead Corcoran loved the cardio element! I'm back at it after nearly 3 weeks off and this plus Pilates have helped me get back into it. 

    Hope tomorrow isn't too strange for you!

  • @Claire Ryan yay I'm so glad you're back!! 😍 Thank you so much - it was strange but also I now feel I can get excited again!!xx

  • @Sinead Corcoran just finished Wednesdays Barre ballet and it was my favourite ever. I felt so strong and powerful, but oh my god it was so tough! I'm afraid for my legs and abs tomorrow. Thanks as always 💞

  • I also just finished Wednesday's class and my arms are dead!!!!

  • @Kate Monaghan and@Krissy Froelich thank you Queens!! I'm so glad you enjoyed! I loved last weeks class too!! 

    Can't wait to see how strong we feel in 6 weeks time! 🥰🥰

  • @Sinead Corcoran I am hoping to be able to join you live on Wednesday!  I'm in America, so will depend on how my work day is going, but it's on my calendar for now!

  • I was geared up for this mornings live HIIT with Maeve but got the time wrong! I was in the zone so just did Barre low impact HIIT via library- it has been a while but OMG!!! The burn!! The shakes!!! I thought I was strong 😄

  • Wow, yesterday's barre really was a burner, I was literally squealing at the end! I really enjoy this class though, mostly when it's done 😆 but it's a very satisfying 45 minutes!!

  • @Claire Ryan all the leg stuff on the floor at the end!!!  I was dying!

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