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Fix Your Crown Classes! WOW!! | MaeveMadden

Fix Your Crown Classes! WOW!!

  • Is it just me or are all the classes (so far) just absolutely super fun to do!

    I missed out on the Bootcamp class with Maeve but I wanted to try out more classes from the other trainers. 

    Did the Machine Gun Maeve, Fit with Francesca and Boxer Arms with Emma so far and I just have one thing to say WOW! I'll say it a few more times, WOW! WOW! WOW!

    The new classes Fit with Francesca and Boxer Arms are just soooooo good!

    The workout format for Fit with Francesca was great. I generally love a hybrid class - cardio + strength and I loved that there was great balance of that, plus everything was body weight. Fran really knows how to push us to the max and makes us give our all without any equipment. Spoiler alert (if you've not done the class): loved the strength vs cardio section. 

    Now to Boxer Arms ; I love boxing, just getting that frustration out! Great work for an upper body. Left me feeling super refreshed (I live in Melbourne so when the lives happen at 7am for you lucky UK peeps, it's 4pm). Feeling refreshed after a workout class at 4pm, I guess reflects how great that class is. 

    Keep up the great work coaches!! Now on to getting ready for the live with lovely Sarah!

    What do you guys think of the new classes?

  • @Bhoomi Lengde oh queen this challenge is gonna be epic!!! With work and life getting in my way my crown did seriously slip but you know what..... its gonna crawl back up there!!! Just caught up on machine gun arms..... woow I just love the strength classes!!!!!! Stayed with the 5kgs and 3kgs and felt every bit of it!!!! Let's smash this challenge ladies xxxx

  • Its so good to be back! loved the arms class yesterday for sure and the sun was shining in Dublin so was fab. I just missed live Combat going to do now! Need to get my 4 in for the challenge. We can do this Queens! 

  • @Dee Synnott we got this honey!!!!!!!!! Xx

  • Ahhh....I haven't started yet, I'm bloody sick😩 was out of action last week, babysit my nephew on Friday who had the sniffles and now I'm the full throws of a bad head cold/chest infection. Signed up for the challenge not expecting to still be dosed, im raging!! 

    Love that you are all enjoying it ladies, nothing quite like a challenge to push us on! Keep going strong queens ❤

  • @Melissa Reilly hope you are back ready to go soon!!Feel better!! ❤️ I definitely think the classes have moved up a level - they are so so tough but so so good!! Loving them! I did Machine gun arms yesterday and i'm a good sore today!! Frans 'fit with Francesca' is also unreal - cardio V strength....sooo good! Love all her classes! Not enough time in the week to do them all 😂

  • @Aoife Cronin by the time I join back in next week I'm sure itll have cranked up a gear....I'll be dead!!!!! Seems to be a really good buzz from everyone with this challenge, I'm so jealous!!!!!!

  • @Melissa Reilly oh no queen...... chin up and take lots of rest  you'll be back jumping around with us before you know it!!!!! Xx

  • @Melissa Reilly be back before you know it  rest and come back strong 💪🏻 👸❤️

  • I actually went to my GP yesterday, that's how intent I am to get back at it on monday! Normally I'd wait until I was dying a death before I'd drag myself to a doctor and 'give in' to rest. But after seeing all your messages about this challenge I knew I needed to get myself better asap!!! Turns out I needed antibiotics, cough bottle and an inhaler🙈 but I feel so much better today and mentally too!

    So thanks queens.....ye hadnt a clue ye helped, but you did!! I'm so looking forward to getting started now🥳

  • @Melissa Reilly well I'm glad you listened to your body!! Rest up and let those drugs do their job 🥰

  • @Carmel Mulvany Yeah the arnold press is a pure burner!!

  • @Aoife Cronin OMG! That Fit with Francesca's class was pure fire! That finisher had be absolutely floored!

  • @Melissa Reilly Oh Mel!! So glad you went to the doctor's and got yourself sorted!! It's not really a worthy challenge if you end up getting all weak in the midst of it. You rather get all well and healthy and give it your best shot for rest of the challenge duration! 

    You go Queen! 👑👸

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